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We keep hearing stories about poor customer service, indifferent attitudes and inattentive or uninterested employees in business places. Most of us have experienced all of the above behaviours. In fact, perhaps, some of us have displayed those very same characteristics in the workplace. If you are at work right now, just stop for a few seconds and observe what you are doing. Do your actions reflect that you are engaged and happy? Now look around you. What is everyone else doing? Do they look productive and content?
It is sometimes easy to walk into a business place and gauge the interest in the success of the business of those who work there. We all know that not every person who is employed is actually interested in the success of the business. For many, it is just a job. Since people are the heart of any business, how can you work towards hiring persons who don’t just “make it through” the work day? Managers and employees who are committed to the success of the business are invaluable.

It is important to hire the right people if you run a tiny retail store or a business or organisation which hires hundreds of people. There are countless things you should pay attention to and which should form part of your hiring policy. As people are the heart of your business, here are a few things to pay attention to when hiring.

Firstly, reframe how you see job positions within your office or business. You don’t just need someone to answer phones; you need someone who can be a strong front line ambassador for your business. Hire someone who is welcoming and a good communicator, and has a great understanding of the business. The person who is “answering the phone” could bring in new business or help to cement relationships with previous customers. On the other hand, if you do not hire the right person, he or she could also chase away or discourage business from potential customers by displaying the characteristics at the beginning of this article, thus impacting your bottom line.
Secondly, increase your odds of having strong applicants by ensuring that notice that you are hiring is widely shared. It is better to hire from a big pool of applicants than a limited pool which may not have all the characteristics you need. Do not settle for “good enough.”
Thirdly, there is a reason why some businesses have so many levels and types of screening before someone is hired, especially if the person will be a supervisor or manager. Do the necessary checks and have different levels and types of interviews. A resume is your initial screening. It should not be the only screening process used. An unsuitable employee/manager has the power to wreak havoc on your business. This may seem like strong wording, but unsuitable employees or managers could destroy your business, employee morale and reputation from the inside out.

Fourthly, seek to determine how the potential hire views work. Is work just a place to go for eight hours a day to earn a pay check at the end of the week or month? Rather, is work a place where they see the opportunity to grow in various ways, learn new skills, develop relationships and contribute in a meaningful way while earning a pay check? See the difference? Passionate, interested and committed employees are the heart of your business.

Fifthly, be clear and upfront of what is expected from the person who is potentially being hired. This helps to ensure that there will be a match between his or her expectations and the expectations of the business. When expectations match, there are happy employees.

Whether you have a Human Resources Department, or you are the one doing all the hiring, be vigilant about hiring persons who are the best “fit” for your business. The success of your business depends on it.

By Shellecia Brooks-Johnson

By anguillian August 28, 2017 10:09 Updated


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