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The Government of Anguilla on Friday 7th July signed documents related to the proposed expansion of the CeBlue Crocus Bay Development project.
The Honourable Minister of Infrastructure, Curtis Richardson, said “we now have the two documents here that will give some support to that effort to go forward with the expansion”.

He added: “Of course there are a lot of other things that have to be done because they [CeBlue] have to bring their plans to government – but they could not go forward unless they were able to get these two documents signed – that will help them to address some of the challenges with land space, so this is what we’re really dealing with today”.

As a result of the expansion project, the water plant in Crocus Bay will be relocated by about 100 feet.

Mr Richardson said the water plant will be a better facility, with double its capacity, and described it as a “win win situation for all”.

The Minister explained: “There were some challenges in regard to the land space. Specifically, you know, we have the water plant there and the last effort that was made caused the water plant to be dismantled – and we had to make a significant effort, when we came into government, to restore the water plant, and to find a way to deal with the national asset, of the water plant as well as support CeBlue in their undertaking to expand the project.”

He went on: “So we are very happy today that we have found a way forward to support them with the expansion of their project and, at the same time, defend the national asset of the water plant at Crocus Bay.”

Vincenzo Panzarino, Principal of Crocus Bay Development said their first priority is the water plant which they hope to relocate within the 9 months.

“We are actually going to pay to relocate and build the new water plant for Anguilla. It would be funded by us. It will not cost the Anguilla government a dollar. It would be paid in full by us,” he confirmed.
“We’re thankful that government granted us these leases. We want to make Crocus Bay a more enticing property location in Anguilla. We got approval to do 105 rooms hotel expansion” which, he noted, will be incorporated with the rest of the rooms on the property at CeBlue.

Panzarino said it is hoped that the expansion would start within 9 months with the ground breaking by the end of 2017.

By anguillian July 17, 2017 09:12


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