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With the rate and all-inclusive manner at which it is operating, the University of the West Indies Open Campus in Anguilla is successfully meeting the needs of a growing number of persons seeking further education in every possible area of study.

This was exemplified on Tuesday evening, July 25, when the Open Campus graduated 134 students who completed a number of short-term pre-university courses. The event was the 2017 Continuing and Professional Education Certificate Presentation Ceremony.

Manager of the UWI Open Campuses in the Caribbean British Overseas Territories, Dr. Phyllis Fleming-Banks, delivered the opening address to the large gathering at the Teachers’ Resource Centre. She said in part: “We are delighted, and indeed honoured, that you have taken time to join in this celebration of our students and in particular our Continuing and Professional Education Course participants for 2016/2017- and our new Guild Executive for the incoming academic year 2017/2018.

“We are particularly pleased to be celebrating with 134 students and such a wide cross-section of our community including the police, families and friends. This is indeed part of the vision of the University of the West Indies Open Campus – the fourth campus which was established with the goal of reaching and meeting the needs of the wider Caribbean and the non-campus territories like Anguilla in particular.”

Minister of Education, Mrs. Cora Richardson Hodge, told the students: “The fact that you have enrolled in this course of Continuing and Professional Education demonstrates that you not only have an appetite for life-long learning, but that each of you contain within you a spirit of excellence. You are not interested in simply existing with the qualifications that you have already obtained, but you were interested in taking yourselves to the next level in your professional qualifications. This spirit of excellence is critical not only in developing your personal skills and expertise, but it contributes to developing our communities and, by extension, building our nation.
“The certifications and qualifications that you have now acquired directly, and positively, contribute to the development of this precious country of ours. As educators, police officers, business people, civil servants and the like, who have taken on new challenges with your additional tertiary qualifications, I encourage you to continue to apply the spirit of excellence, which you have displayed at the UWI Open Campus, to producing the highest quality of work.”

The courses and the participants are as follows:
Community Policing, facilitated by Chief Probation Officer, Ms. Jocelyn Johnson: Vydia Charles, Kevin Edwards, Delvin Fleming, Randy Javois, Hosaine Mason, Beverley Thompson and Shamella Vanterpool.
Advanced Supervisory Management, facilitated by Labour Commissioner, Mrs. Annika Webster-Lake: Susan Brooks, Donovan Bryan, Oden Carty, Delvin Fleming, Keivois Lake, Shelder Lewis, Glenda Malle, Philomena O’Brien, Andrea Richardson, Kenecia Richardson, Shayne Thompson, Jahadia Webster, Kerlyn Webster, Cleo Hamm, Felicia Hennis, Letia Lalgie, Jeffrey Jennings, Nidica Richardson, Sheldon Richardson, Odeanna Rogers and Seymour Thompson.
Conversational Spanish, facilitated by Teacher Colin Johnson: Iain Bibby,Chanicia Buchanan, Shemar Connor, Vivienne Fleming, Melody Hodge, Janelle Lake, Tiffany Rogers, Reneicia Romney, Shayne Thompson, Shivon Webster, Oden Carty, Shermel Hodge, Shellya Rogers and Vesta Smith.
Introduction to Counselling, facilitated by Dr. Oluwakemi Linda Banks: Samantha Alfred-Derrick, Bibi Alli, Samantha Carter-Dominique, Olivia Gumbs-Hodge, Jamesha Hodge, Sherry Hodge, Jacqueline Jeffrey-Connor, Keivois Lake and Candis Niles.
Finance for Non-Finance Managers, facilitated by Mrs. Tina Bryan-Bannister of the Anguilla Financial Commission: Austin Conor, Violet Gumbs and Katie Hearn.

Law for Human Resource Practitioners, facilitated by Barrister-at-Law, Mrs. Keesha Carty: Evelyne Apire-Hodge, Maeza Demis-Adams, Shirlene Connor, Teresa Hamilton, Natasha Lugay, Brenda Proctor, Lorna Richardson, Marva Richardson and Kristalin Webster.
Foundation Maths 1 and 2, facilitated by Mr. Darwin Hazell: Monique Carty, Zenya Greenaway, Germaine Hodge, Christene Irish, Tamika Lake, Nicola Webster, Shermel Hodge, Regina Plummer, Vernice Richardson, Cavelle Fleming, Aprile Gumbs, Sabrina Hodge, Charlene Roach, Jina Richardson, Monique Carty, Shanella Carty, Germaine Hodge, Christene Irish and Elesia Piper.

Developing Conceptual Understanding of Key Topics in Primary Mathematics, facilitated by Dr. Coreen Leacock, represented by Permanent Secretary, Education, Dr. Bonnie Richardson-Lake: Marian Abbott, Andrea Benjamin, Dollynell Best, Hariet Brooks, Wreneth Brooks, Mekea Carty, Priscilla Carty, Shanna Connor, Mildred Christie, Jerica Crawford, Deverelle Edwards, Verrin Fleming, Jaacqueline Fleming-Hodge, Gluynnesia Franklin, Shandora Gumbs, Aeisha Hodge, Sharifa Hodge, Shirlene Hodge, Alison Hughes, Chrishauna Hughes, Jerrisia Hughes, Juline Hughes, Vernelle Hughes, Vernelle Hughes, Kemesha Isles, Brittany Jeffers, Kenda Lake, Ronetta Lashley, Connie Liburd, Wemonah Lawrence, Hamewaite Narine, Judith Ndayizigiye, Ayisha Olivacce, Chandra Parris, Raemisha Petty, Carol Richardson, Jonesha Richardson, Tricia Richardson, Wanda Richardson-Buffonge, Chantel Rogers, Mavis Rogers, Trevis Rouse, Kathyra Smith, Malcia Smith-Connor, Faye Thomas, Akilah Thompson, Denise Warrington, Carol Webster, Itasha Webster and Jameisha Webster.

During the presentation ceremony, there was the Induction of Executive Members of the Anguilla Chapter of the UWI Open Campus Guild of Students. Those inducted were: Kemoloy Murphy, Chairman; Charlene Roach, Deputy Chairman; Leonise Francis, Secretary; Soya Warde Williams, Treasurer; Trevor Queeley, Public Relations Officer; Tomasha Connor, Community Liaison Officer; Codisha Webster, Academic Representative; and Leah Hughes, Post Gradate Representative.

By anguillian July 31, 2017 13:38
  • Tom morgan

    Someone should study the genes of Anguillians to identify those that cause a love for and a thirst for education. In the years when there was no high school and young people had to relocate to other islands to get their high school education Anguillians had great determination to be educated despite the difficulties and sacrifices. So many in that period went on to university education that when Anguilla underwent its rapid development it could call on a core group of educated people to guide and lead it. Now, in its further development, it continues to educate an ever-larger group of future leaders. It is a truly admirable quality of the Anguilla culture. We are witnessing the strengthening of the foundation for progressing in a sophisticated and intelligent manner to independence.


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