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Under the theme “Bringing the UWI to YOU”, Staff and Students of the University of the West Indies (UWI) Open Campus Anguilla have been sharing their experiences and programmes as encouragement for Anguillians and residents to take advantage of the opportunity to enrol in the University’s programmes. Staff members Tesia Harrigan and Shermel Hodge, and students Esther Ward and Trevor Queeley were recent guests on Radio Anguilla with host Nisha Dupuis and 92.9 Klass FM with DJ Hammer.

During the interviews which were also carried live on Facebook, Ward and Queeley shared their experiences as online students. They pointed out the various opportunities for networking and travelling, including their recent participation in the 2017 UWI Games, which brought together student-athletes from across all four Campuses of the UWI in Barbados. “The experience was simply amazing! It was like none other,” said an elated Ward. Ward represented the Open Campus in Football and Track and Field, and was also one of the Nominees for the UWI Vice Chancellor’s Sportswoman of the Year Award. “With classmates/colleagues from around the region, the UWI Open Campus is like a slice of the Caribbean,” she said. “Studying online with the UWI is so much more than regular online studying. It is exciting! It is energising. You are and feel part of a community and there is so much opportunity for networking across our region,” said young Ward, who is currently employed by the Anguillian Newspaper while pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Management with a focus on Entrepreneurship.

Queeley, who is Past President and current Public Relations Officer for the UWI Open Campus Anguilla Guild of Students, as well as an Executive member of the Regional Guild, said that he was equally delighted to participate in the UWI Games. He represented the Open Campus in Cricket and served as the Assistant Coach for the Open Campus Female Volley Ball team. “UWI provides so many opportunities for interacting across the region,” Queeley said. “In addition to getting a world class education, one can continue work and family life while taking advantage of these opportunities,” he said. Queeley, who works with the Anguilla Red Cross is pursuing a degree in Management Studies with a specialisation in International Management and was the 2015/2016 recipient of the American Foundation for the UWI Scholarship.

Staff members Tesia Harrigan – herself a graduate of the Open Campus – and Marketing Student Shermel Hodge also shared their own experiences as online students. In addition, they highlighted the various local and online programmes being offered by the University, pointing out the convenience and affordability. In an age where costs for tertiary education are prohibitive, one should consider that at the UWI Open Campus a Bachelors’ degree can cost less than US$11,000.00 from start to finish, while the Masters’ and Doctoral programmes average US$8,000.00 and US$20,000.00 respectively, they noted.

The UWI Open Campus is currently accepting applications for the 2017/2018 academic year which starts in August. Applicants have until 31 July 2017 to apply for Semester One.

Interested persons can visit the University’s website at http://www.open.uwi.edu/programmes or contact the local UWI Open Campus Site at anguilla@open.uwi.edu (telephone 497-8156) to explore the available opportunities for achieving their educational goals.

– Press Release

11th July 2017

(Published without editing by The Anguillian newspaper.)

By anguillian July 17, 2017 09:55 Updated


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