Letter to the Editor – The Anguillian Friday 7th July 2017 – Page #3 Letter to the Editor

By anguillian July 24, 2017 12:07




Dear Sir,

The Anguillian Friday 7th July 2017 – Page #3 Letter to the Editor.

With reference to last week’s letter to the editor concerning the growing concern and harm to Anguilla’s bays and beaches from bottles and beer cans.
Certainly many people would hold the same concerns as the writer and may not know what the current rules and procedures are for governing litter issues in our bays and on our beaches. We don’t even know if a patrol boat is sent out to anchoring yachts and multi-persons crafts through the season to issue a tax bill or a bond requirement to pay for divers to clean up this litter. Indeed repeat offenders should be fined, with possible court actions, where boat captains do not put necessary measures in place to prevent or clean up trash and protect our environment. Certainly agents of yachts and other craft; should deliver standard type letters outlining what we require and expect of them in leaving our waters clean and free from trash. This should relate to anchoring or berthing on beaches as well.

It all sounds straight forward and a newspaper advertisement from the department or organization that is responsible for bays and beaches, stating current procedures, would go a long way to making the general public more engaging on this issue. Beach and indeed Park and Village entrance signs on the general issue and consequences of littering are also required.

All to often we address the issue of picking up litter, without addressing the wrongful depositing of it in the first place. Stop off points with bins every mile along the main roads would be another step forward.

Thank you,

Jerry Brown
Old Ta.

By anguillian July 24, 2017 12:07


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