ITF Taekwondo Master Gato-Gato in Anguilla

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June 15-19 AXA ITF TaeKwon-Do Association in ANGUILLA was fortunate to have Master Gato-Gato, a 7th Dan (7th Degree Black Belt) from Puerto Rico visit and share his wealth of knowledge and experience in TaeKwon-Do ITF.

Master Gato-Gato arrived on Thursday afternoon and shortly after, conducted the first of several training sessions. The first was with the Red and Black Belts who thoroughly enjoyed the experience, abilities and knowledge of this great master.

Friday saw the master relaxing and enjoying some of the island’s scenery while having informal discussions with AXA ITF TKD Chief Instructor/Founder Mr. Gregory A. Permuy (5th Dan) before heading to the Dojang (Training Hall). Several training classes were held that afternoon with the various ranks where Master Gato-Gato covered all aspects of TaeKwon-Do ITF technique as well as some very uplifting and motivational moments, particularly with the children.

On the morning of Saturday 17 June, students once again gathered at the Dojang for more training, that was very well designed to impact those in attendance, based on their age and rank. In addition to training and discussing TaeKwon-Do techniques, patterns and many exciting and engaging sport specific exercises, Master Gato-Gato also touched on many life virtues such as Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit which also happen to be the Tenets of TaeKwon-Do.

That afternoon everyone met at the beach at Roy’s Bayside Grill at Sandy Ground where AXA ITF TKD Assistant Instructor, Mr. G. Vidal Permuy (3rd Dan) conducted a training session with the junior students before they all took to the beach for some fun exercises and conditioning training with Master Gato-Gato. It was not too long before they all ended up in the sea.

Sunday morning was a long and trying time for a few of the Black Belts. Master Gato-Gato conducted a Promotion Exam for three of the highest-ranking students of AXA ITF TaeKwon-Do. Candidates were evaluated on all aspects of TaeKwon-Do over an almost four hour period where their mental and physical strength were equally tested.

The promotion ended with Ms Avon Carty and Mr. Jamal Gumbs being promoted to 3rd Dan and Mr. G. Vidal Permuy promoted to 4th Dan. Vidal is the first student of AXA ITF TaeKwon-Do to achieve the rank of 4th Dan giving him the title Instructor or Sabumnim.

Master Gato-Gato is definitely a Master Instructor of the Caribbean and for the Caribbean and has the amazing ability to connect and communicate with all students regardless of age, race, sex or cultural background. We trust that he enjoyed his stay on Anguilla and look forward to having him visit us again later this year.

We would also like to express our thanks to Mr. Michel Wouterse (2nd Dan) President of SXM TaeKwon-Do ITF who was also on island over the past few days to participate in the training and assist in the Black Belt Promotion Exams with the sparring, self-defense and breaking.

By anguillian July 3, 2017 11:18


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