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The August Monday Caribbean Beach Party, one of the island’s biggest summer festival events, and what has been hailed as one of the region’s premiere fetes has received a major cash injection of US$45,000 from International Wine and Spirits Ltd (IWAS).

“I can gladly say August Monday is ready for the road,” said Fitzroy “Briggy” Tomlinson, of B.E.P. Services, whose company has won the bid to organize the event for the next 3 years. He was speaking to media personnel at the press launch on Monday evening. He went on: “We have made the pledge not to lower the standard of the event. I’ve gotten back on board fully, two years ago, and there are a number of opportunities surrounding the event for the island on a whole to benefit.

“This event must and should remain an Anguilla Caribbean August Monday Beach Party. It should never be outsourced, and I want to stress that I have not bought it. What I am doing is producing the event for the next 3 years.”

An elated Tomlinson continued: “It is an Anguilla event. It’s owned by the Government and people of Anguilla and what we are doing is putting the pieces together and taking the risks, so to speak, to get all the sponsors on board. And I would like to thank Mirabelle and her team for jumping at the opportunity to be a part of this event. It’s not cheap. The event costs in the region of 150,000 – 200,000 US dollars. We’ve been fortunate this year to get sponsors on board and get some support in terms of some of the supplier of services – so that will ensure that the event comes off without a hitch.”

Mirabelle West, Commercial Manager of Operations, IWAS, remarked: “We are very happy to be onboard with the official beer, Heineken, and of course Absolut Vodka this year. We look forward to working together and supporting all the efforts – as a sponsor – and assisting in any way possible to ensure the continued success of this wonderful event, not only for the people of Anguilla but for visitors who come to enjoy it…So we’re very happy to be partnering to bring great entertainment and added value to the overall event.”

Mr Bren Romney, Director of Youth and Culture, whose Department has some responsibility for the Carnival festivities stated, “The Caribbean Beach Party is not just a party, but it’s one of our of annual events on our calendar that brings significant economic activity to the island and generate revenue – across the board – for small businesses, our hotels, guest houses, taxi drivers, our ferry boats, the Port Authority and a range of others that benefit from the spinoff effects of the Caribbean Beach Party. So it’s an important driver of visitors to the island and economic activity. So when companies like IWAS come on board, and invest, they are actually investing in Anguilla and the development of the country, and words can never express our gratitude to sponsors and persons who are working hard for putting on this event.”

Lisa Rey, Chairperson of the Summer Festival Commission, officially congratulated BEP Services on winning the bid. “We are thankful for him (Briggy) for coming on board and investing in the Caribbean Beach Party this year. The Caribbean Beach Party has been one of the festival’s biggest events not just in terms of promotion and marketing, but also financially, and we would like to thank him for taking on that huge task this year,” she commented.

IWAS joins a list of sponsors including the Government of Anguilla which has contributed EC$ 100,000 (US$37,000) to the August Monday Caribbean Beach Party.

By anguillian July 17, 2017 10:02 Updated


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