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The Anguilla Government, through the Ministry of Social Development and Sports, now has for the first time in its records a most all-inclusive and well-studied National Sports Policy, embracing all interests across the wide spectrum of community life.
The recently-launched Sports Policy is a must read, for all and sundry, and has been published on the Government’s website for general information.

There are three introductory messages in the policy document by Minister of Social Development and Sports, Mr. Evans Mc Niel Rogers; Parliamentary Secretary, Tourism, Sports, Youth Affairs and Culture, Mr. Cardigan Connor; and former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sports, Mrs. Chanelle Petty Barrett, who was mainly involved in its drafting, but is now in the Ministry of Home Affairs. All three messages provide a comprehensive analysis of, and commentary on, the National Sports Policy.

Those messages are printed below as a guide to the policy by The Anguillian as part of the newspaper’s public service and for the information of the public. All stakeholders, and other interested persons in Anguilla, are urged to acquaint themselves with the provisions of the policy document which, as stated above, has been published in full on the Government’s website.

Mrs. Chanelle Petty-Barrett Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health & Social Development (2008-2016)

This National Sports Policy offers a formal, holistic and systematic framework for the development of sports in Anguilla. As Permanent Secretary with responsibility for Sports Development, I am pleased to have been involved in that process.

This landmark document is based on recognition of the important role which sports play in the life of every resident, the community and Anguilla. It is designed to guide decision-making as regards the development of sporting industries and programmes to benefit everyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, ability, interests and belief.

As Permanent Secretary who also holds responsibility for Youth Development, I am particularly keen on the benefits of sports for youth development and empowerment. Research clearly shows that sports are fundamental to the holistic development of children and youth. Sports promote healthy lifestyles, help to foster positive youth development; help to improve academic achievements and assist in the transfer of positive values and life skills that aid in employability. Involvement in sporting groups also contributes to reducing gang related activity and youth involvement in crimes and violence.
I would like to thank the Department of Sports, the steering committee, the national sports associations and all other public and private stakeholders who committed many hours of their time to inform the develop of this document. Your support has not gone unnoticed.

For the first time, a completed overarching, guiding policy that outlines our collective vision, goals and objectives for sports development in Anguilla is presented; and indeed, the fact that this Policy involved a collaborative and inclusive process certainly bodes well for its successful implementation.

The Honorable Cardigan A. Connor Parliamentary Secretary Sports Development

Having played cricket at the national, regional and international levels, I am fortunate to have benefitted from the many opportunities that could be derived through sports. There is no doubt that sports positively nurture an individual and lead in the development of a nation. Now, in my substantive role as Parliamentary Secretary with responsibility for Youth, Sports, and Tourism, I have been placed in a unique position to offer more support in leading initiatives for sports development on Anguilla; I am humbled by this task. This process, informed by athletes, sporting association, sports enthusiasts and other key stakeholder consultations, has culminated into a comprehensive policy agenda that seeks to chart the way for an inclusive, facilitating and empowering environment for the development and delivery of sports on Anguilla. Within this document, Anguilla’s vision, goals and objectives for sport development are clearly outlined. Sport as a Tourism driver is strongly articulated, as such, the creation of an environment that could capitalise on the resources in Anguilla to grow a sustainable sports tourism industry should be exploited. Sports’ value as a social connector, in reducing risks of anti-social and self-destructive behaviours, while improving society’s sense of community and collective pride, has also been addressed. Additionally, the path for structured programmes to support employment opportunities, sports infrastructure enhancement and a drive for athlete development are laid out in this policy document. This policy document is testament that we recognise and understand the power of sports and its role in national development, be it in relation to health and wellbeing, socio-economic growth and sustainability, social cohesion and the promotion of excellence among our people. The responsibility is now ours to ensure that we exploit these opportunities. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our consultants, our national working team, the Department of Sports and all stakeholders who have informed this document. I am grateful to have been involved in this policy making process.
The Honorable Mr. Evans M. Rogers Minister of Health and Social Development

It gives me great pleasure as the Minister of Sports and on behalf of the Government of Anguilla, to present the National Sports Policy. It is my belief that the opportunities and potential through sports are limitless and as a people, we should embrace this vehicle to advance our development goals. This National Sports Policy addresses the rationale and objectives for sports development; and highlights the critical and significant issues which are central to the development of same. This policy also explores the potential in sports while identifying the various institutional and organisational mechanisms for their attainment. As a government, our ultimate goals are to develop sports to a reputable standard at all levels, ensure that sports contribute to safe, strong and sustainable communities, and that sports are accessible to all citizens regardless of color, creed, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, physical and cognitive ability, sexual orientation or political affiliation. In order to achieve these goals, this policy, informed by robust stakeholder consultations, aims to ensure that an environment which facilitates increased participation in sports is fortified; programmes that support athletes’ development, well-being and progression to high-performance and elite status are coordinated and promoted, and that sports are utilised to promote opportunities which can contribute significantly to our socio-economic development. I would like to thank the directors of the Caribbean Sports Development Agency for their consultative role in this process. To my Permanent Secretary, Planner, and the staff of the Department of Sports, your lead in facilitating and guiding the process has been greatly appreciated. Thanks as well to the steering committee, the sporting associations and the many public and private stakeholders, we appreciative your involvement in the development of this holistic framework. Indeed, we are pleased that this document has culminated into a comprehensive guiding framework, that aligns our unified efforts and takes into account our national development priorities, as well as global development trends and best practice models. Though confined by our economic, social and national realities, our Government is committed to provide the requisite support for its implementation.

By anguillian July 31, 2017 11:21


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