BUSINESS COLUMN: Evadney Property Management Services

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Evadney Property Management Services

Evadney Property Management Services, located in Stoney Ground, is a real estate agency owned by Evadney Richardson. The business provides rentals for persons looking for houses, apartments or business locations/venues. The business also facilitates house sales and land sales. Evadney serves both buyers and sellers. She can be contacted by the buyer who is looking to buy property or the seller to list his/her property. With over 80 houses in her portfolio (including her own apartments) she is an ideal choice for a Real Estate Agent as she has the resources and connections to help you find the perfect house or land.

Evadney is available seven days a week, preferably from 7 am to 7 pm but remains flexible to help you meet your personal and professional needs. It is fitting then that the best advice that she ever received is that the customer is always right. She uses this philosophy to provide an exceptional customer experience to all who cross her path.

Evadney Property Management Services utilizes various methods of advertising to spread the word about the business. These include its website, Facebook and a listing in the telephone directory under Real Estate Agents. The bulk of the advertisement is done through the tried and true method by word of mouth.

When asked why she decided to set up her own business, she shared, “I have been a landlord for over 25 years. I always enjoyed the hospitality industry and decided several years ago to expand my services to provide rentals for other property owners who desire to rent their properties.” Evadney saw a need to provide a service to other property owners and this decision has allowed her to build a successful business over the last 12 years. Looking towards the future, she hopes to continue to expand into other real estate areas.

The biggest benefit Evadney has experienced from owning her own business comes through the people she has met. She shared, “Some of these relationships have lasted many years and have been very rewarding both personally and professionally.”

Evadney believes her personality plays an important role in the success of her business. She opined, “I think that my personality makes me stand out and encourages people to do business with me. Many persons say I am a charismatic person.” Evadney is also well known for her ability to listen to her client’s needs and to find properties in premier locations ensuring that her client’s needs are fulfilled. Not surprisingly, then, the response from the public to Evadney Property Management has been very positive and encouraging.

To the General Public:

“If you are looking to rent, buy or sell real estate, or if there is any other way I can assist you with real estate, please contact Evadney Property Management Services via telephone 1-264-497-2255 (business); 1-264-235-2255 (cell): 1-732-993-6427 (US line); via email at or via my website at”.

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