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The Valley, Anguilla, June 27th, 2017……The Anguilla Tourist Board is undergoing a comprehensive strategic review of the organization, with the goal of transforming this statutory body into a Productive Profit Center for Brand Anguilla.
Under the Anguilla Tourist Board Act, the Tourist Board has been mandated to operate as both a destination management organization as well as a marketing organization. The Board has been fulfilling its marketing mandate with many limitations, but has been doing little in the area of destination management. The 2015 incoming Board of Directors recognized the shortcomings of the organization, and acknowledged the need to make significant changes to the agency’s staffing and operation to achieve the level of efficiency and efficacy required in today’s competitive global marketplace.

Anguilla as a destination has lost some of its competitive edge, and the ATB has not remained relevant in light of the changes taking place in the industry globally and despite the urgent need for Tourism to make a more substantial and sustained contribution to the Anguillian economy. Digital marketing; management of the local tourist experience; community outreaches to ensure their buy-in and participation; access development; training; regulations for standards; diversification of the product, etc. must all now become areas of focus for the ATB.
The process began in October 2016, with the selection of SER Legal & Consultancy as the company retained to review the organizational structure and potential of the statutory body. Over a three-month period a series of steps were undertaken to facilitate the development of the new organizational structure, along with job descriptions, reporting structures and salary scales for each post.

In addition, a series of outreaches and retreats were held with the Ministry of Tourism, government agencies and the Anguilla Tourist Board, with a focus on the Anguilla Tourist Board Act, Tourism Services Legislation and the Sustainable Tourism Master Plan. The Anguilla Tourist Board has also been engaged in extensive competitor analysis to identify current best practices as they relate to the operational structure of Destination Management and Marketing Organizations. The Board recruited on short term contract a Destination Experience Manager with the responsibility to oversee and manage all of the main elements of the on-island destination experience, to enhance the visitors’ experience and build customer loyalty.
The full details on staffing will be available on completion of the restructuring process. In addition to the position of Director of Tourism/Chief Executive Officer the following key management positions have been identified as essential to accomplishing the current organizational goals and boosting the productivity and local profile of the ATB. The four division heads are: Corporate Affairs Manager, Destination Experience Manager, International Operations Manager and Chief Marketing Officer. The first post to be filled was that of Corporate Affairs Manager, as this position is critical to driving the restructuring process.
“Competent staff, a properly structured organization and increased visibility in the marketplace are basic requirements if Anguilla is to become and remain competitive and grow from an average occupancy of 50% to a phased growth to about 80% occupancy annually, which is not unheard of in some of our competitor destinations,” stated ATB Chairperson, Mrs. Donna Banks. “We are confident that when this process is completed Anguilla will once again reclaim her rightful position as a leading tourism destination.”

– Press Release
(Published without editing by The Anguillian newspaper.)

By anguillian July 3, 2017 13:20


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