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The last major event in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Anguilla Revolution was on Wednesday this week, July 26, when a 150-page Commemorative Magazine was launched at the General Post Office.

The magazine does not particularly focus on the political leaders of the Revolution by name. It states instead that it “is dedicated to all the Heroes and Heroines of the 1967 Revolution in celebration, acknowledgement and gratitude for their depth of courage, unwavering commitment and undying patriotism in the battle for Anguilla’s progress and freedom.”

The special Government publication was commissioned by the Ministry of Home Affairs in cooperation with the Anguilla National Celebrations Committee. It is particularly the work of a Committee of a small group of five persons led by Mr. Sanford Richardson, Commissioner at the Department of Social Development, with Mrs. Sandra York Gumbs, Finance/Administrative Services Manager as Secretary. The other team members were Mr. Seymour Hodge, Liaison Officer; Ms Joan Richardson, Product Development Officer at the Anguilla Tourist Board and Mrs. Shellecia Brooks-Johnson, Assistant Registrar at the Anguilla Community College. The printing and shipping of the magazine were handled by Cheddi Enterprises. There 41 contributing writers.

Chief Minister, Mr. Victor Banks, said in part: “The magazine, through its many articles, archival documents and photographic images, captures the progression from a state of poverty, neglect and oppression through to this period of self-determination, relative prosperity and hope. The journey or progression has been characterised by several major achievements that have propelled us to this point in our development.”

Several excerpts selected from articles in the magazine were read by Mrs. Chanelle Petty-Barrett, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs. In doing so, she commented that the four articles had appealed to her and she urged her listeners to join her in reading these and other articles to see how they likewise appeal to them.

Multiple copies of the magazine were purchased during the launch ceremony by many of the persons in attendance. The special price at the event was US$12.00 or EC$30.000. The regular price is US$15.00 or EC$40.00.

The various outlets are: the Ministry of Home Affairs, Inland Revenue Department, Treasury Department, General Post Office, Rose Hodge at the Airport, Andy Connor Blowing Point Port, the Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association, the Anguilla Tourist Board, The Anguillian newspaper and the Anguilla Drug Store.

By anguillian July 31, 2017 13:27


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