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Governor             Christina Scott

Governor Christina Scott

A welcome reception at Government House was one of the official engagements of the some 150 delegates visiting Anguilla for the 47th Annual Caribbean Public Services Association Conference this week.

There, at her residence, Governor Christina Scott told the public servants about the importance of their jobs in the various regional islands. “It is so important for us to share our experiences, learn from one another, and build effective public services,” she remarked. “What we do, and I include myself in that because I am still a civil servant, is most important. We make sure that we are looked upon as honourable people in society; that we provide essential services; that we uphold the rule of law; that we challenge ministers when they are going a little bit beyond where it perhaps might be appropriate; and that we look after the taxpayers’ money.
“I have learnt, over my four years in Anguilla, how challenging that job is in a small society when you are often dealing with extended members of your families and other people you have known since childhood. That makes what you have to do, and the lines you have to hold, all the more difficult; and I commend all of you for going beyond the day jobs and becoming active in your public service unions.”

Governor Scott continued: “There is a journey that all public services in the Eastern Caribbean are on. The role of your unions, and representatives, is so crucial in challenging those in leadership positions to demonstrate good practices and make sure that our public services are the very best they can be. I welcome all of you to Anguilla. Tonight is just about having fun and enjoying yourself.”

By anguillian July 31, 2017 12:31


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