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It was only last week that the Friends of the Hospital donated US$2,000 for the Dialysis Unit at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. Now, the Health Authority of Anguilla, which runs the hospital, is the recipient of over EC$123,000 (or more than US$46,000) from the Anguilla Electricity Company (ANGLEC).

Health and ANGLEC officials at cheque presentation

Interestingly, the money is to be used for the purchase of UPS equipment as a back-up, and to protect the hospital’s facilities from ANGLEC’s power surges. ANGLEC has been a major donor to the hospital over the years, among its contributions being a roof-top solar system to reduce the company’s bill to the institution for electricity consumption.
Speaking at the cheque presentation on Monday, June 27, Minister of Health, Mr. Evans McNiel Rogers, said: “I want to thank ANGLEC, its Board, Management and Staff, for so ably assisting us not only with this project, but even with the CT Scanner project as well. They have always been there to assist us. I would not overreach the generosity of ANGLEC to the Health Authority. There is another UPS, that I am in the process of getting for the CT Scan machine, which is going to cost about US$70,000 but I am not tapping into ANGLEC.”
Mr. Rogers, known for his fund-raising efforts, went on: “I am now termed as the begging Minister. I have no reservations about that because, at the end of the day, I am tasked with the responsibility of healthcare, facilities, and staff, and I am a healthcare professional myself. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the healthcare professionals who are actually providing the quality of service we have with our limited resources.”

The Minister of Health further said: “There is no question that I am on a mission to improve the healthcare facilities and the delivery of healthcare services in Anguilla. God has given me the strength and ability – and will continue to bless me until I get this done. I think this will be a crowning jewel not only to my political legacy but also to my healthcare legacy for the people of Anguilla.”

Chairman of ANGLEC, Mr. Gareth Hodge, said the Minister had approached him to assist the Health Authority with the purchase of a UPS system, and had told him how critical it was to the success of the Blood Bank and the Dialysis Unit. “I took the matter to the Board and, although it was a sacrifice, there was unanimous agreement with assisting the Government or the Health Authority with the purchase of the unit,” Mr. Hodge stated.

He added: “ANGLEC was pleased to participate in the advancement of healthcare in Anguilla. It is not just about electricity, but making sure that Anguilla is healthy – and the island’s economy continues to grow because, in turn, that also helps ANGLEC.”

CEO of ANGLEC, Mr. David Gumbs, said he was aware of the critical nature of the equipment at the hospital and the need to protect it. “We know there have been challenges over the years with blood donations and maintaining those donations,” he commented. “Having our own equipment and machines in critical emergencies, is of much importance. It is always a positive matter when we, as a company, can donate to such impactful needs.”

Mr. Gumbs, who took the opportunity to reflect on ANGLEC’S many contributions to the varied needs of Anguilla, added: “ANGLEC typically does not like to speak about all we do, but we play a silent role in many cases. Over the years we have got better in making public the many things we do because, as a public company, we don’t often get that love. We don’t sell a product you can hold in your hand …but it is very important for people to understand who we are, what we do and what we stand for. We have therefore started to talk about ourselves a little more and some of the work we do.”
Mrs. Meridith Gumbs, Acting CEO, with the Health Authority of Anguilla, said in part: “The management of ANGLEC must be commended for this worthwhile gesture, and we are sure that this was done knowing that healthy people facilitate the growth of a productive nation. I am asking for more corporate citizens to pool their collective efforts and resources towards the continued advancement in the provision of critical pieces of equipment which promote healthcare.

“A UPS attached at our departments will provide emergency back-up power which would support our critical equipment and avoid or minimise the chances of life-threatening problems occurring as a result of fluctuating or loss of power. We recognise the need for this critical piece of equipment, and ANGLEC has demonstrated that good corporate citizens do not allow for public funds to be always provided by the Government of Anguilla, or the Health Authority, but that ANGLEC could give back to the community in meaningful ways.”

Mrs. Gumbs added: “In this dire financial climate, your continued support is critical if we are to achieve our vision to be ‘the first choice for healthcare through dedication to excellence’. As a growing organisation, still in its embryonic stage, we cannot afford not to succeed. We have been entrusted with too serious a responsibility – the health of the people of our beloved country.”

Dr. Vonetta George, Surgeon and Acting Director of Medical Services, also expressed thanks to ANGLEC for its generous donation, and spoke about the need for other equipment. “We are begging for a haematology machine which is very important for our services at the laboratory,” she said. “The Dialysis Unit has been growing and, with the increase in chronic diseases, especially high blood pressure and diabetes, we are expecting new patients. We will have more patients and machines – and protecting these expensive machines is really necessary. Thank you very much, ANGLEC, for this donation for a UPS system.”

By anguillian July 3, 2017 13:26


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