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Following extensive consultations with relevant stakeholders, Anguilla now has a written National Sports Policy. It was launched on Tuesday evening, June 20, at the Raymond Guishard Centre of Excellence.

Minister responsible for Sports, Mr. Evans McNiel Rogers, said the policy “seeks to offer the formal, holistic and systematic framework which outlines our collective vision and goals for sports development in Anguilla.” He stressed that “our aim is to ensure that sports and the various opportunities through sports are accessible to all citizens”; and “to ensure that sports is uplifted to a reputable standard at all levels to ensure it contributes to safe, strong, and sustainable communities.”

Mr. Rogers acknowledged that the policy was arrived at in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Development; the Department of Sports; National Sporting Organisations/Associations/clubs/teams; Coaches and Physical Education teachers; Health and Wellness professionals; Community and Faith-based organisations; the National Youth Council and other youth groups; parents and educators; sports and service delivery specialists; and other governmental and non-governmental agencies.

The Minister continued: “This policy document is testament that we understand and accept the power of sports, and that we recognise our role in the enlisting of sports as one of the tools towards the fulfilment of national priorities. The responsibility is now ours to ensure that we exploit the available opportunities. Government’s role is to provide and promote safety and security for its citizens, promote and encourage equity and ensure development and advancement of society.”

He pledged that the Government was “committed to provide the budgetary allocations, resource mobilisation strategies, regulatory and management frameworks within the confines of the economic, social and national realities.”

Minister Rogers went on: “I would like to thank the directors of the Caribbean Sports Development Agency for their consultative role; our Permanent Secretaries, Mrs. Chanelle Petty Barrett and Dr. Bonnie Richardson-Lake and the staff of the Sports Department. Your lead in facilitating and guiding the policy process has been greatly appreciated. To the Steering Committee, the sporting associations and the many public and private stakeholders, we appreciate your involvement in the development of this holistic framework. Kudos to the Department of Sports. This is a great milestone.”

Parliamentary Secretary, Sports, Mr. Cardigan Connor, presented a plaque to Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Petty Barrett, who has now been transferred from the Ministry responsible for Sports to the Ministry of Home Affairs, for her invaluable contribution to the development of sports in Anguilla during the period 2008-2016.

He said she had left an indelible mark on sports in Anguilla and had given life to the cricket careers of Monsin Hodge and Jamar Hamilton who, through her efforts, and those of Mrs. Hyacinth Bradley, were reinstated in the Leeward Islands Team and given an opportunity to further their cricket careers.

Replying, Mrs. Petty Barrett said it was a pleasure to have worked with the Department of Sports within the Ministry of Social Development. She felt that there was so much more that could and should be done in sports notwithstanding the limitations involved. “There is so much tremendous potential among our young people and it weighs heavily on me that we really couldn’t do as much as we wanted to,” she commented. “While I accept the lovely token of appreciation, I just want to say to PS Bonnie, and anybody else coming after me, that there is a whole lot that needs to be done. Continue to plod on. The journey is not easy, but I think when you see the accomplishments of our young people, it all worth it.”

Acting Director of Sports, Mr. Rollins Richardson, and Deputy Director, Ms. Katrina Richardson, delivered a powerpoint representation featuring the main objectives and functions of the National Sports Policy. Highlights of the policy will be published by The Anguillian newspaper later on.

In her closing remarks, PS Bonnie Richardson-Lake expressed appreciation for the preparation of the National Sports Policy. She was delighted with its objectives and the opportunity she has to work towards its fulfilment.

Other persons who participated in the launch of the policy included Mrs. Nada Benjamin-Linton, Programme Officer in the Department of Sports, who chaired the ceremony; and young poet, T’arah Niles, whose poem aptly spoke about the needs and objectives of the policy and the importance of its success.

By anguillian June 26, 2017 12:03


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