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Large numbers of children in Anguilla will now have a new and wholesome entertainment facility where they can spend quality time in the company of their parents and other family members. It is called “Magic City Anguilla” and opens this Saturday, June 17, in The Farrington area.

Tucked away along a branch gravel path, off the main road, the imposing facility stands three floors high. It is owned and operated by Elais and Candis Mkoba, proprietors of the well-established Gadget City, an electronics boutique on The Quarter main road.

“It is an indoor playground comprising climbing structures, trampoline, and an arcade section, and there is also an outdoor area with pool and water slides,” Mrs. Mkoba explained.

Asked what inspired her and Mr. Mkoba to set up such a facility, she replied: “I have been struggling to find things for my own children to do. I finally got a feel of what other people are looking for as well – and it just branched off from those two ideas.”

The facility is a combination of toys and entertainment for young and older children aimed at improving their motor skills and social lives. There is also a lounge area to accommodate parents and other family members while they enjoy the fun activities for their children.

“This is just a beginning and we are hoping to expand down the road,” Candis added. “The grand opening is on Saturday, June 17. We are spreading it over two days. Entry will only be by ticket for those two days. If I open up the floodgate I don’t think I would be able to handle the traffic because everybody is looking forward to it, and we can only accommodate a certain number of persons at a time.”

Magic City Anguilla was in course of preparation over some two and a half years. Normally it is expected to accommodate up to eighty children. The regular opening hours will be 9 am to 9 pm daily.

By anguillian June 20, 2017 10:48


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