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Communication Technologies owned by Fabian Lewis was conceptualized in the early part of 2016 but officially established and incorporated on July 21st 2016. The primary function of this new business is to provide support services to the Telecommunication and Cable Companies of Anguilla. The main products and services offered are network management: copper/coax and mobile, tower installation and maintenance and project management.
Fabian’s late father who was an entrepreneur always encouraged him to never be afraid to venture. Therefore, when the timing and opportunity presented itself for this entrepreneurship endeavor Fabian seized it. Fabian had prior business and management experience with the construction and management of chandeliers which was the family-owned and run business. His extensive experience and training in the telecommunications industry also provided the knowledge and skills he needed for his new business.

When asked about the best business advice he has received, Fabian shared, “Over time, I have gathered the true understanding of assets and liabilities in the real world and that is, anything that makes you money is an asset and anything that cost you money is a liability. So many people consider their house as an asset, but if it cost you more in taxes and upkeep than available income, then it becomes a liability. To build wealth, the understanding of this is critical.
The biggest challenge he has faced is getting financing as this is essential for start-up and business continuity development. The biggest benefits he has experienced as a business owner are financial and enslavement freedom. He shared, “It isn’t that I am not working hard(er) as much as it is personally rewarding.”

When asked about ease of doing business in Anguilla, Fabian expressed, “Doing business in Anguilla is not easy but it is not impossible. It definitely keeps you on the creative edge.” His top business tip is “To be ignorantly relentless in your drive to succeed.”
He distinguishes himself from competitors through the fusion of technology and his personality which ensures they deliver on time as per requirement. Communication Technologies is not so much a public facing company as they deliver back of office support to their clients. Communications Technologies Inc. however, ensures that their clients are happy so by extension the general public is happy as well.
Fabian reflected for a moment as he responded to where he sees his business in 10 years. His response, “Regional and Global synergies are on my mind. As entrepreneurs on the frontier, if we want to build wealth, we have to find a way to expand our horizons. Collaboration between Government and the Chamber of Commerce must provide the springboard to do this. Local entrepreneurship with global reach must be the vision and must be our path to real freedom, fiscal and social.”

He wished to share these parting remarks with the General Public:
“To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Anguilla Revolution, I will like to share the following sentiments as a businessman.
Visionary leadership is a necessary requirement as our Country forges upward and forward from the Revolutionary phase to the Evolutionary campaign to leave no citizen behind, through participatory governance, self-development, and the charting of the direction for Anguilla that all Anguillans sign on to for the betterment of all and not a select few.
All Anguillians must embrace the birth of this country as we know it 50 years ago. As you may all be aware, a pregnancy may be planned or not but the outcome is a baby that has to be cared for and nurtured. So too is the 1967 Revolution from which this country was born. 50 years is like 13 years in nation building so our country is in its teenage years, so let’s mold, guide and support her with unconditional love for the next 50 years. It may not be easy but it will be worth it, because this beautiful child of Anguilla is ours.

Always remember, the true test of one’s strength is not in your thunder but in your humility and capacity to love unconditionally.

By Shellecia Brooks-Johnson

By anguillian June 12, 2017 11:22


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