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The Valley, Anguilla, June 6th, 2017. The Anguilla Progressive Association of New York (APANY) celebrated its 21st anniversary and the 50th Anniversary of the Anguilla Revolution at their annual dinner dance on Saturday, June 3rd, attended by over 400 Anguillians and friends of Anguilla in the diaspora.
The Hon. Evans McNeil Rogers, Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Social Development, represented Anguilla’s Chief Minister, the Hon. Victor Banks at the gala, presided over by Carlson Connor, President of APANY. Minister Rogers thanked the Anguillian diaspora community for their generous and ongoing contributions to their island home. The Hon. Cardigan Connor, Parliamentary Secretary, Mr. Larry Franklin, Permanent Secretary, and Mrs. Donna Banks, Chairperson, Anguilla Tourist Board, were also in attendance at this festive occasion.
Minister Rogers and Parliamentary Secretary Connor presented Congratulatory Awards to a number of high student achievers — a high school graduate, Teanna Campbell; a community college graduate, Anton Leandre-Andina Abraham; and two college graduates, Brian Hodge and Gabrielle Abraham, who were all supported by APANY in their studies. Five distinguished Anguillians were also honored at the gala: the Hon. Hubert Hughes, Mr. Colville Petty, OBE, Dr. Leonard Richardson, MD, Mrs. Renuka Harrigan and Mr. David Lloyd. The Vision Band, a locally based New York band, provided the entertainment during the evening.
For more information on Anguilla please visit the official website of the Anguilla Tourist Board: www.IvisitAnguilla.com; follow us on Facebook: Facebook.com/AnguillaOfficial; Instagram: @Anguilla_Tourism; Twitter: @Anguilla_Trsm, Hashtag: #MyAnguilla.
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By anguillian June 12, 2017 10:54


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