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An Immigration Officer at the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal has been given high marks by a visiting St. Maarten businessman who came to Anguilla to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Wednesday, June 7.
The visiting businessman was the Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce in St. Maarten, Mr. Anastacio Baker. He told the gathering at Aleta Restaurant at Four Seasons Resort:

“I would like to extend my warm greetings to you on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce of St. Maarten and of course the entire business community of St. Maarten.
“The manner in which I was welcomed here in Anguilla, I must extend my congratulations to everyone. I told the Immigration Officer this morning that I will say something on her behalf because she did something that I never experienced here in Anguilla before. She told me: “Welcome back!”
“Small things like that make a big difference. I must say congratulations to the people of Anguilla for understanding the level of service we must give at all times.”
Anguilla’s Chief Immigration Officer, Ms. Laureen Bryan, commented as follows:
“I do believe we have some of the best Immigration Officers and as a Department we have been placing great emphasis on customer service. It’s indeed pleasing to know that Mr. Baker made mention of the warm welcome he received on entry into Anguilla on 7th June 2017. I commend the officer on duty, Miss Jerease Richardson, for showing such warm hospitality.”

By anguillian June 12, 2017 13:26


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