Anguilla competed in Fittest On The Rock, June 3-4th, 2017!

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Fittest On The Rock is an annual fitness event that has been taking place on the island of St. Maarten. The event organised by Team Don’t Quit, a fitness group in St. Maarten, has been successful for the past three years.
The event witnesses teams and individuals from St. Eustatius, St. Maarten/St. Martin, St. Kitts, United States of America and Anguilla compete to see who is the fittest in over 15 workouts.
Team Anguilla, which was sponsored by Ruff Training, comprised of Myron Connor, Waynika Romney, Mary Kluen, Allyndel Sylvester, Lynette Sasso and Hilroy Alfred. Results Driven Fitness Centre also sponsored a team, which consisted of Duquaine Brooks and Shamicha Rey.
While the competition was keenly contested, Myron, the team leader, won gold in five events; bench press weighted and reps, weighted dips and weighted pull ups and overhead press. He won silver in muscle up and muscle dips and bronze in deadlift at the maximum weight. He fell shy of the MVP title by just 9 points.
Anguilla continued to bring in the medals with Hilroy, of Ruff Training, winning gold in tire flips, silver in burpees and box jumps, and bronze in weighted pullups.
The medals didn’t end there with Duquaine, of Results Driven Fitness Centre, grabbing gold in overhead press maximum reps, silver in bench press maximum weight and bench press reps and bronze in back squat maximum.
Mary, was one of the only females representing Anguilla to win a medal, and walked away with bronze in tire flips.

Anguilla first competed in the event in 2016.
(Published without editing by The Anguillian newspaper.)

By anguillian June 12, 2017 10:36


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