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In its commitment to help strengthen the local business fraternity on Anguilla, the Anguilla Chamber of Commerce and Industry has planned an E-Payment workshop geared towards business development and continuity. The one day workshop which will be held at the Soroptimist Conference Centre, The Valley, June 8th 2017 commencing at 9am and facilitated by the National Commercial Data Services.

These sessions are to assist the local Businesses in Anguilla to combat the challenges faced both locally and on the global stage with E-payment.

Objectives of the Workshop:
Participants will review and be exposed to the Language, Terms and Definition of E-Payment.
Be exposed to the Technology / Software and its benefits.
Realise the advantages of the system which can improve efficiency and performances in their businesses.
Be able to confidently buy into and use the E-Payment system locally with global connections.
This process will assist all stakeholders in formulating a strong platform to move business in Anguilla forward and to set the precedence for good business practices for all businesses to the next level and innovative in order to reap success in the current environment.

Since its formation, the Anguilla Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been striving to elevate business and business related opportunities in here Anguilla.

-Press Release

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By anguillian June 6, 2017 13:50


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