Job Link Up Programme Personal Development Session

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On Tuesday, May 02nd 2017, the Department of Youth and Culture, and the Management Advisory Board (MAB) of the Job Link Up Programme, hosted the first Personal Development Session for clients on the Job Link Up Programme at the Teachers’ Resource Centre.

The Personal Development Session was chaired by Ms. Lauraine Gumbs, chairperson of the Job Link Up programme MAB. The session covered the following topics:
• Maintaining Personal safety and hygiene in the Workplace – facilitated by Mrs. Dana Ruan, School Nurse.
• The negative and sociological effects of drugs and substance abuse – facilitated by Officers Lake, Sylvester and Herbert from the DARE programme.
The sessions were informative and interactive with the clients having the opportunity to ask questions or make comments at the end of each presentation.

We are grateful for the kind assistance of Mr. Willis Hodge, from Tropical Distributors, who donated care packages to the programme. These were presented to the clients at the end of the session.
The Job Link-Up Programme aims to assist vulnerable youth on Anguilla, and provides opportunities for continuing education, acquisition of life skills through its apprentice component, psychological support and counseling to assist them in dealing with anger and other issues. We currently have over seventeen (17) clients placed at various businesses on six (6) months job attachments.

We would like to thank all our business partners, Tropical Distributors, the facilitators, Mentors and the clients of the Job Link Up programme, for making this event a success.

For further information on the Job Link Up Programme, please contact the Programme Assistant- Kemoloy Murphy – at or by calling 498-3792 of 497-0969.

2nd May 2017

– Press Release

By anguillian May 8, 2017 12:41 Updated


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