Business Column – Patriotism and Your Business

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Patriotism and Your Business

Anguilla Day will be celebrated on May 30th, 2017. This year marks 50 years since the Anguilla Revolution. This milestone will be celebrated throughout the year and across the island. Your business should not miss the opportunity to join in the celebrations and show your patriotism.
Many businesses were ‘Made in Anguilla.’ As a local business you should feel pride as we look back and hope as we look forward during these celebrations. Fittingly, the theme for the 50th anniversary is “Celebrating Fifty Years since the Revolution; Transforming, Empowering and Building our Nation.” It is your and your forebears’ vision and hard work which created these local businesses. These businesses were also built, and continue to survive and thrive, because of the emotional connection and support of all who want ‘to buy local.’

The 50th Anniversary Celebrations provide an opportunity to share your love for Anguilla and increase the visibility of your business during the month of May and beyond. Below are some examples of patriotic promotional activities you can engage in.

1) Find or create opportunities to advertise your business during the numerous celebrations which will be held in May and during the rest of the year.

2) Offer discounts or special promotions for some Anguilla related activity. Perhaps you can have a day or multiple days when anyone who enters your business dressed in national colours gets 10% off. Use the opportunity to get lots of photos with your customers and, of course, share photos on social media.

3) Do you have a flag? Ensure the flag is displayed in your business. Share your patriotism.

4) Utilise your blog or website. Share your business story and its contribution to Anguilla’s development.

5) Offer patriotic freebies – Anguilla flags, key rings, candy, etc. to those who patronise your business. Anything works as long as it is in the national colours – blue, orange and white.

6) Update your social media and website cover photos with custom photos which reflect the upcoming celebrations – Anguilla at 50! Be creative.

7) Create custom content for your social media. Use your imagination and think about uniquely Anguillian things about your business that you can share daily or weekly on social media.

8) We all get a warm feeling when we walk into a business that is festive. Decorate your business in the national colours to help generate pride and enthusiasm as the National Holidays approach.

9) Use trending hashtags to help increase your reach – #Anguilla@50 #AnguillaDay

10) Get involved during the national celebrations. Remember the celebration of Anguilla Day is all about community. We look back and remember all those who contributed before us. We look forward and plan how we can continue to contribute and build our nation. Attend the parade. Cheer on your favourite boat during the boat race. You can even plan your own event or join with other businesses to host an Anguilla Day Event. Just get involved and have fun doing it!

Patriotism and pride in Anguilla are important values. This 50th milestone is an important one for Anguilla. As businesses we have the opportunity to help build enthusiasm and pride among our consumers and the general public. We recognise that we have always played, and will continue to play, an important part in Anguilla’s development. Our actions in our businesses help to lead, inspire and create further positive action in our communities. As May approaches let us be shining examples of what it means to engage in patriotism and demonstrate pride for our nation.

By Shellecia Brooks-Johnson

By anguillian May 2, 2017 10:03


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