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The Anguilla National Culinary Team hosted its annual Mothers’ Day brunch for the public on Sunday 14th at Blue Restaurant, Cap Juluca Resort.
The new culinary team comprises Senior Chef – Kelston “Sweets” Connor from Ani Villas; Senior Chef Jamal Mc. Bean from Dolce Vita; Pastry Chef – Leonicia “Pounks” Rey-Richardson; Junior Chef – Dyesha Hodge, student from the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School; and Bartender – Jamal Hodge from CuisinArt Golf Resort and Spa.

Darren Connor from Four Seasons is the Support and Backup Senior Chef, and Lester Gumbs from The Reef is Public Relations Officer. The team is managed by Dean Samuel from Cap Juluca.
Although the culinary team is attending the Taste of the Caribbean Competition in June, in Miami, it will not compete in the event but will focus on the disciplines and guidelines of the competition.
“I’m so excited because the team that we have now basically has the structure and discipline that I know what to expect. I know they are not afraid of competition,” Coordinator of the culinary team, Mrs Gilda Gumbs-Samuel, told The Anguillian.

She continued: “I know competing is hard and no matter how good you are everybody cannot compete … We are not cooking this year simply because a lot of people are new and I want our team to understand the competition.”
Mrs Gumbs-Samuel said, however, that Anguilla will be participating in the 305 Taste of the Island Competition.
“The nice thing though is when the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) found out that Anguilla was not going to compete they said, ‘no way, you all are coming and are going to be a part of the 305 Taste of the Islands Competition,’ and I’m happy about that. It will be held on Jungle Island, a private island outside Florida. Anguilla is the number one team that will be highlighted and so there’s going to be a lot of marketing around Anguilla and the team. We are going to keep it simple with Anguilla colours, a lot of flowers, and we are going to have a big monitor showing all our properties and restaurants. I’m asking everyone to send me a clip of their restaurants, boutiques, shops etc. It’s going to be a 4-hour event and I would like many businesses to send me a clip to showcase Anguilla,” she said.

The Taste of the Islands event on June 4th is expected to draw approximately five thousand persons.
The team will travel to Miami on June 2nd. It begins practice in November for the 2018 Taste of the Caribbean.

By anguillian May 22, 2017 10:00


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