Anguilla Christian Council & Evangelical Association Condemn Murder & Violence

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“Hope springs eternal in the human breast”, declared the poet, Alexander Pope. And for two hundred and ninety-nine days we hoped that the brutal slaying of a young man on August 6, 2016, was the last of the murdering, the cold-bloodied taking of lives. Though troubled by a shooting two weeks ago, we all breathed a sigh of relief when it became clear that the victim would live. We hoped and prayed and hoped that the hate fueled, vengeance-driven murders were over.

However, our earnest hope was shattered by the execution of another young Anguillian two hundred and ninety-nine days later. The Anguilla Christian Council and the Anguilla Evangelical Association condemn this murder, the attempted murder earlier in the month, all acts of violence, and offer prayers and support to the families of the victims.

We call upon every sector of society, and especially parents, to stand as one against this evil. It’s critical that we look into the mirror and ensure that we are not contributing in some way to our nation’s demise, but rather are agents of grace. Let us embrace the legacy of the noble Anguillian character our ancestors carved out of suffering through faith in God. We must raise our children well. Failure to do so imperils not only those who harbour hatred towards each other but imperils us all.

At the height of our celebration of Anguilla’s 50th Anniversary, this execution screams that there is something desperately wrong in our society. As the body of Christ, we must do all we can to effect cleansing, healing and transformation. We call upon the community to support the efforts of the police to bring the perpetrators to justice.
But even if a murderer is never caught, let us not fool ourselves. “Be not deceived: God cannot be mocked” – “A murderer’s tormented conscience will drive him into the grave. Don’t protect him!” (Proverbs 28:17)
The hatred and lust for revenge must stop. The act of murder is not only the callous ending of a life, but the sending of a soul into eternity and, in many cases, a Christ-less eternity.

By anguillian May 29, 2017 10:40 Updated


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