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On Friday 21st April 2017, the 9th annual ANGLEC- sponsored Primary School Netball Tournament commenced with a march of all teams from the grounds of ANGLEC to the Netball Court at the Ronald Webster Park. The opening ceremony followed with brief addresses from key stakeholders such as the Education Department, the Department of Sports as well as the sole sponsor ANGLEC. The Hon. Cardigan Connor declared the tournament open and offered words of encouragement to the young players who then participated in the Ballorama playoffs in which Orealia Kelly Primary School was the winner.

Six primary schools will be competing for the coveted trophy, but who will unseat the seven years in a row champion – the Orealia Kelly Primary School? Will the reigning champion remain unbeaten, or will the girl athletes of Adrian T Hazell, Valley Primary, Central Baptist, Morris Vanterpool, or Vivien Vanterpool step up and dethrone the seemingly invincible Orealia Kelly Primary School. The day of reckoning – the grand finals – will be on Friday 28th April 2017.

This year’s theme ‘To Promote, Empower & Develop Young Minds Thru Netball’ focuses on the fundamental objectives and goals of the Association which are to promote netball as a great sport to be played by young girls; empower and develop their young minds during such formative years with positive social activities thus providing them with sufficient opportunities to excel in the sport and life in general.

The Association congratulates the players and coaches from the various participating schools and extends gratitude to the Education Department and teachers for their support and cooperation. We salute and honour ANGLEC for their invaluable and unparalleled financial contributions for the 9th consecutive year.

We look forward to a keenly contested and safe tournament and we issue a call for the Anguillian public to come out and support the girls.

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By anguillian May 2, 2017 09:11


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