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National Commercial Bank of Anguilla (NCBA)

The National Commercial Bank of Anguilla Ltd. (NCBA) hosted the second ACOCI Business After Hours (BAH) for 2017 on April 11th at La Vue Boutique Inn. Business after Hours, which is a valuable ACOCI initiative, provided the opportunity for those present to hear from NCBA’s Directors, Management and Staff and learn more about the benefits of their products and services.
A brief official ceremony was hosted by Lily Moses, Administrative Assistant at ACOCI. The opening prayer was given by Karen Pina, Clerical Officer at ACOCI. Welcome remarks were shared by the President of ACOCI’s Board of Directors, Mr. Keithley F. T. Lake. Mr. Lake expressed his pleasure that NCBA came on board to host BAH. He shared, “This could not have been timelier as our members have a lot of concerns about the state of banking and the condition of services in Anguilla. This is compounded by the fact that there is little communication with the customer base. I am hopeful that tonight will mark a change in the direction for the management of the bank whereby customers can be more fully informed – and a dialogue established so that the bank is acutely aware of their concerns.” Mr. Lake encouraged everyone in attendance to take advantage of the opportunity presented to get their questions answered, meet and greet NCBA’s Board of Directors and learn more about the bank’s services.
Michael Bird, Chief Executive Officer of NCBA, in his brief remarks also drew reference to the timeliness of the event as NCBA will celebrate its first Anniversary on April 25th, 2017. He expressed, “Sometimes it was a tough year for us as not everything has gone according to plan. However, we are making steady progress. We try to focus on the customer and try to accommodate each customer as best as we can. Our motto is ‘one bank, one customer.’ For those who have left the bank we hope you will return as we move forward.”
Most of the Board of Directors of the Bank were in attendance and were introduced. They were:
Mr. Martin Dinning – Vice Chairman
Mr. Carl Harrigan, Mr. Ian Chinapoo, Mr. Marius St. Rose, Sir Errol Allen, Mrs. Vida Lloyd-Richardson.

Two members of the Board were invited to give remarks. Mr. Marius St. Rose explained why he accepted the directorship and asked for the support of the business community on behalf of the Board. He shared, “I took the assignment because I believed the assignment could be successful and could be beneficial to Anguillians and the economy. The two legacy banks that went under did serve a useful purpose. They did a lot to develop the country. Unfortunately, not everything went right and they failed but a new creature has emerged – NCBA. We know, and believe, Anguillians are committed to their institution, will patronise it – and that the institution is well ahead on its road to recovery and will do a lot to facilitate the development of Anguilla in the future. It is your bank and the profits will remain in your country. I seek your support on behalf of the Board.” Sir Errol Allen, the second Board Member who spoke echoed his sentiments, “I look forward to a successful turnout of my directorship because I believe it can and will be a success” he said.
The Executive Management Team of NCBA, along with other supporting staff, were also recognised and introduced. They are
Michael Bird, Chief Executive Officer
Elvarie Vanterpool, Manager Internal Audit
Talitha Webster, Operations Manager
Shirmaine Lynch-Harrigan, Manager Risk & Compliance
Marisa Gumbs, Manager Retail Banking & Marketing
Natasha Lugay, Manager Human Resources
Shellice Niles, Manager Credit & Recoveries
Brenda Huggins, Senior Relationship Officer – Cards
The vote of thanks was given by Lily Moses. Attendees spent the rest of the evening enjoying cocktails, learning more about NCBA’s products and services and networking with other members.

About NCBA
The goal of NCBA is to meet the financial needs of those they serve by providing a full range of retail banking services and products to Anguilla.
For Business clients, NCBA offers a wide range of products and services. These range from payroll, POS and night deposit services, to commercial lending and the facilitation of international trade through our foreign exchange services.
For Personal Banking, NCBA’s primary goal is to provide valued customers with the resources needed to achieve financial success. Personal Banking offerings consists of a wide range of products and services including Deposit Accounts, Credit Cards, Mortgages and Personal Loans and general banking services.
NCBA proudly serves its clients from two convenient locations at the St. Mary’s Street in The Valley and in West End. The Bank is open from 8 am to 2 pm on Mondays to Thursdays and on Fridays from 8 am to 4 pm. In addition to these locations, NCBA has the largest network of ATM’s on the island as well as Online Banking which provides 24 hour banking to its valued customers.
Visit NCBA today to learn more!

By Shellecia Brooks-Johnson

By anguillian April 24, 2017 10:54


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