Anguilla’s Transition to Adventure Experiences basks in the SUN’s KISS

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SUNKISS DAY 3 (1 of 16)-min (2)ANGUILLA, British Caribbean, April 18th 2017 — Every little Anguillian boy and girl knows some part of the history that is Anguilla’s Amerindian Heritage. It is a story that is told in the classrooms, ingrained in the culture and relived every day of the year from Island Harbour to West End. That rich history is now at the heart of SUNKISS Adventure Living, the new adventure brand at the center of Anguilla’s emergence in the Adventure Travel Market.

“We have always been fascinated by Anguilla’s Amerindian History which, of course, as young children we learn about through Primary and High School. In doing more research as adults, and having the opportunity to learn more about their story and realizing how much of an impact they had on our culture, and then of course being fascinated once again with their values and their very being…. it just meshed for us. We felt a connection to that part of our history. And we knew that with our brand, SunKiss, we would tell their story in an innovative and fun new way.”

SUNKISS has curated a dynamic lineup of adventures and activities across Anguilla’s land and seascapes, teaming up with the Heritage Museum and the Anguilla National Trust to weave exciting tales of Anguilla’s history and culture into the already action packed adventures. Also included in the activities is round trip transportation to and from guests’ hotels, sumptuous grilled lunches at restaurants like Sandy Island Anguilla, and photos/videos of the day’s activities.

“We wanted to design adventures and activities that were seamless from start to finish and that the whole family could participate in. At SunKiss we believe that an activity goes beyond just interacting on a physical level. Our Adventures provide multiple dimensions of engagement. There is of course the thrill associated with the physicality, but we’ve taken things a step further to use these activities to tell a story about Anguilla, our history and our culture…that when it is all said and done, leaves our guests fundamentally aware of what makes Anguilla Anguilla…in every sense of the word.”

SUNKISS is quite simply a kiss from the Sun. It brings together the very best of Anguilla’s past and present. For the team at SUNKISS the brand “speaks to a connection, a relationship, a oneness with the sun and with the universe. SunKiss represents respect, it represents unity, love and the energy that exists between us, as human beings, and everything around us – physical and otherwise. Our Mission is to share that connection with the hope of creating vacation experiences that are treasured for a lifetime.”

– Press Release
(Published without editing by The Anguillian newspaper.)

By anguillian April 24, 2017 11:21


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