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Presentation of phone to Mr. Richardson donated by Anguilla Electronics

On Sunday, April 9th, 2017, Double Trouble Cycling Club hosted the 2nd Annual Timothy Richardson Cycling Race. This event attracted over 50 riders from French St. Martin, Dutch St. Maarten and Anguilla. The clubs that participated were Double Trouble Cycling Club and Off the Chain Cycling Club from Anguilla. From St. Maarten / St. Martin, the cycling clubs in attendance were Cyclone Cycling Club, Mo Trouble, ASM, VCG and the newly formed VCSG.
As an added attraction, the crowd was able to witness the senior primary school students (grades 5 & 6) take part in the road races on their respective school’s road bicycles. These bikes were donated to the schools in 2016 by a generous anonymous donor. Unfortunately due to the inclement weather, the junior primary school students (grades 3 & 4) were unable to complete. The races concluded with an open BMX race. Pictures of all the winners can be found on the Double Trouble Cycling Club Facebook Club.
The annual Timothy Richardson Cycling Race began in 2015 as a way to give recognition and thanks to the coach and founder of the Double Trouble Cycling Club – Mr. Timothy Richardson. Mr. Richardson continues to volunteer his time assisting youths and adults who are interested in learning the sport of cycling. As a gesture to show our appreciation to his dedication, the Club presented Mr. Richardson with a phone that was donated by Anguilla Electronics.

The results of the 2nd Annual Timothy Richardson Cycling Race were as follows:
1 Huekeemi Hughes – Double Trouble
2 Joseph Hercules – Double Trouble
3 Mark Maidwell – Mo Trouble
1 Ferdinand Philogene – VCSG
2 Patrick Niles – Double Trouble
3 Louis Lake – VCSG
1 Xavi Brookes – Double Trouble
2 Yoen Lake – VCSG
3 Zambezi Richardson – Double Trouble
1 Kianny Noel – ASM
2 Eliano Lake – VCG
3 Jeremy Guichet – ASM
1 Cailan Fleming – Double Trouble
2 Vernon Hill – VCSG
3 Deanthony Niles – Double Trouble
1 Dyclai Nagua-Grell – ASM
2 Jahkim Carty – VCSG
3 Justin Riley-Skerritt – Double Trouble
1 Kendjy Gervais – ASM
2 D’Andre Burgan – VCSG
3 Kamaru Ruan – Off the Chain Cycling
Poussin (7 to 8) – Boys
1 Shafari Carbon – VCSG
2 Logon Roydon
3 Pedrie Benaiah – VCG
Poussin (7 to 8) – Girls
1 Janqua Brown – Double Trouble
2 Desireee Charles – VCSG
Tiny Totts
1 Jahmel Chameus – VCG
2 Lance Hunt Partotte – VCG
3 Diaron James – VCG
Sr Primary School Road Race – Boys
1 Rhacodi Hodge – Orealia Kelly Primary School
2 Jonathan Babrow – Valley Primary School
3 Ajani Stapleton – Vivien Vanterpool Primary School
Sr Primary School Race – Girls
1 Deandra Fleming – Morris Vanterpool Primary School
2 Niequana Hodge – Orealia Kelly Primary School
3 Mikailah Carty – Adrian T Hazell Primary School
Open BMX – Boys
1 Jonathan Babrow
2 Carden Fleming
3 Jacquan Parker
Open BMX – Girls
1 Naiva Hodge
2 Mikailah Carty
3 Reba Stott
On behalf of the Double Trouble Cycling Club, we would like to thank the following sponsors who made this event a success: Anguilla Amateur Cycling Association, 264 BikeLife, Anguilla Social Security Board, Aronel, Ashley & Sons, Greig’s Trucking, Mr. Andy Connor, Mr. Curtis Richardson, Mr. David Lloyd, Mr. Haydn Hughes, Mr. Ronnie Bryan and last, but not least, the Double Trouble Cycling Club.

– Press Release
(Published without editing by The Anguillian newspaper.)

By anguillian April 18, 2017 09:46


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