New Jersey Couple Contributes to Anguilla Community

By anguillian March 20, 2017 15:55




Mr. Vanroy Hodge with Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Canavan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Canavan of Monmouth Beach, New Jersey, who are regular visitors to Anguilla, must be highly commended for their community efforts in Anguilla.
Last year while visiting Anguilla, Mr. Canavan became aware of the strong need for sneakers for some of the youth in Anguilla. It was then when he decided to take action, and upon his return home a plan was developed. In January of this year, over 70 pairs of sneakers were shipped to Anguilla for kids in need. Of that number 30 pairs went directly to the Anguilla Red Cross (ARC). It should also be mentioned that the Monmouth Beach Veterans Association facilitated the shipping of the sneakers to Anguilla.
The Canavans normally reside at La Vue Hotel, South Hill, whilst in Anguilla. The couple expressed special thanks to the Department of Disaster Management and to Mr. Kirk Hughes at La Vue Hotel for their assistance.
The Director of the Anguilla Red Cross (ARC) expressed sincere appreciation, on behalf of the ARC, to all who were involved in anyway in making the generous donation possible. The ARC Director further noted that donations of any kind are welcomed – however, donations of this sort are beneficial to many persons in certain segments of the Anguillian community who may not have the means to obtain such fundamental items.
The ARC Director also mentioned that the role of the ARC includes alleviating the challenges of the destitute in our society, and introducing measures to assist in humanitarian related needs. This donation will contribute to the ARC’s efforts in that regard.
– Press Release

By anguillian March 20, 2017 15:55


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