Letter To The Editor

By anguillian March 13, 2017 15:28



Dear Sir:
Missing bench at Sandy Hill Beach

I am sad to say that the bench which was located at Sandy Hill Beach is now gone. Originally my husband made it so he could sit and watch the sunrise with our dog, hobbs, on his early morning walks. The bench has been enjoyed daily by both local Anguillians and tourists. Sometimes it would be brought down the beach to another spot, or placed under a seagrape tree for shade… but it was always there in the morning. More times, than not, it was returned to its original location. We were always so pleased to see so many people enjoying it, and had planned to make another one for anyone to use.

My husband and I have been visiting Anguilla for 19 years and love the friendliness and hospitality of the Anguillian people. (We live here for 5 months out of the year and have made many friends here.) We still feel this way, but would love to have the bench returned to the Sandy Hill Beach for all to enjoy.

Thank you,

Buffy and Flash Alten
Sandy Hill Club

By anguillian March 13, 2017 15:28


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