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ICT Teachers; Curriculum Officer of ICT, Mrs. Tamara Pradel and Flow Country Manager, Mr. Desron Bynoe

Flow Anguilla continues to be a partner in education by contributing EC$1,000 to the Colour Me Tech Run, an initiative by the Department of Education for raising funds for Information Communication Technology (ICT) for students at the primary schools and the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School.
“Flow is heavily involved in the ICT programmes as we provide free internet for all the schools: pre-schools, private, primary, tertiary, ensuring that all our children have access to internet services and are able to use the new technologies that are available,” said Jade Reymond, Commercial Manager, Flow. She went on: “So as we continue to partner with the Education Department, we thought this was a great opportunity for us to be involved in ensuring that the best products are now available to our children as well.…So as part of our contribution to the fund we bought six tickets for each school, so students can be able to participate.”

Tamara Pradel, Curriculum Officer for ICT, said: “ICT is one of our challenges in terms of being really able to provide the way we want to, so this fundraiser event came about to not only help support the curriculum but to assist the children to have the resources they need.” She added: “Our teachers try their best to get really creative with the minimal resources that they have, and so this is an effort for us to start finding our way to generate some income. Hopefully this would become a yearly event.”

Mrs Pradel is hoping to raise US$50,000 to purchase a wide range of resources including digital cameras, wifi access, desks, booster seats and overhead projectors.
The ICT Unit has also teamed up with the Anguilla Progressive Association of New York (APANY) in an effort to raise funds. Persons can log on the website to contribute to the initiative.
The Colour Me Tech Run will be held on Saturday 1st April, starting at the Bethel Methodist Church, South Hill, and concluding at the Public Library. A Pokeman challenge is also included in the event.
Tickets are US$25 adults, US$20/pp team 4+, US$10 ALHCS students and US$5 for primary School students.

Tickets are available at all schools, the Department of Education, the Anguilla Tourist Board, Greig’s Trucking and Tackle Box.

By anguillian March 27, 2017 10:05


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