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Rondy Isles, Pastor and Educator, has shone the light on the importance of Early Childhood Education in stimulating and educating young minds.
He paid tribute to the remarkable role early childhood teachers continue to play in molding the minds of our young people.

“Early childhood professionals have a unique interaction with a child, shaping the minds of the next generation,” said Isles as he addressed the audience at the opening ceremony for Early Childhood Month, on Wednesday morning, at the Teachers’ Resource Center.

He noted oftentimes early childhood teachers make sacrifices just to get the job done. “This kind of job calls for persons with a big heart.”

Isles, who is an Educator, observed: “Every effort ought to be exerted in increasing funding, and other support, for early childhood education programmes. Government, community partners and parents must ensure funding for teaching resources and continuous staff development support.”

Pastor Isle also stated the need for better pay for early childhood educators: “Where there is a need to, teachers working with early childhood programmes must receive fair compensation for the kind of work which they put in on a daily basis…If a teacher is to effectively do his/her job it requires sacrifice.”
Mrs Dawn Reid, Education Planner, said that the Government of Anguilla, through the Ministry and Department of Education has made cultivating young minds a priority – and that, as a nation, our people must work together in the best interest of all children in Anguilla.
“The provision of a high quality learning environment, during the early childhood years, is a powerful strategy for ensuring that we nurture a society of productive, well-adjusted citizens,” Reid opined.

By anguillian March 6, 2017 15:20


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