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Sunday 5th March, was certainly a rare occasion when women were beautifully dressed in their hats to kick-start the celebration of Women’s Week.
It was day of inspiration, motivation and upliftment for women who continuously strive to make their mark in society. The strength of women cannot be denied as they are the backbone of family and now, even more so, the workplace.
The Hats and Heels luncheon at Flavours Restaurant was truly a celebration for women in Anguilla to “kick off their heels” and recognize their role to humanity.
This was the message which emanated, at the luncheon, from five powerful guests speakers: Ms Shellecia Brooks, My Anguilla Experience; Ms Shellya Rogers, Senior Programme Officer, Division of Culture and the Arts; Ms Kenty Lichtenberg, Kerai Kreative; Ms Ife Badejo, Dominate 360; and Tanesha Barnes, Solace Boutique. They encouraged the women to find passion in their work which would lead to a life of fulfilment. The speakers also encouraged women to take care of themselves in order to take care of others, and to be a sister to someone who is in need.

“This is the mission – Women empowering women,” Jade Reymond, President of Hats and Heels said as she addressed the audience. She went on, as she paid tribute to her grandmother: “How do you want to be remembered? My Grandmother is kind and will be remembered for her kindness. This should be my legacy. I want to be remembered as a woman who is filled with enthusiasm, passion, hard work and most of all kindness.”

Reymond observed that: “Hats and Heels was organized with the kindness that only a woman can share with another woman,” and there was “a growing need in Anguilla for the tools that protect, guide and comfort women who may experience anything from domestic violence, financial challenges – and even someone to talk to and seek guidance.”

She said a women’s hotline will be facilitated and maintained by the Hats and Heels organization in collaboration with the Gender Affairs Unit, the Department of Youth and Culture and the Department of Social Development.

By anguillian March 13, 2017 15:44


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