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“Culinary Art has always been in my blood,” says renowned Anguillian Chef, Judy A. Lake-Connor. She is the pizza specialist at Covecastles Resort and Restaurant, at Shoal Bay West, one of Anguilla’s world class beaches.
With 10 years as Assistant Chef, and 8 years as Head Chef, Judy not only has a passion for cooking. She has become a culinary artist of much repute, creation and guest satisfaction – and Covecastles is proud of her.

Coached in cooking at a tender age by her mother, influenced by television food shows, and motivated by her own innovations, Judy is well experienced in the culinary arts. She enjoys rave guest service reviews for her appetising dishes.
Culturally, she brings to all guests – visitors and Anguillians – fresh, hot, and delightful pizzas baked in the resort’s firewood stone oven, adding much to both the aroma and taste.

Her matching side servings of salads, desserts, and beverage provide a culinary attraction and experience for the discerning guest. Don’t miss out on a delicious pizza at Covecastles where experience and culinary skills blend in one.
Dining at Covecastles Resort and Restaurant is a special treat for everyone on the beach at Shoal Bay West. Enjoy eating in a pleasing environment with spectacular views of the Anguilla coastline and the mountains of St. Martin/St. Martin. It is a romantic setting which, like the delectable pizzas, will keep you coming at this delightful resort.
All roads lead to Covecastles Resort and Restaurant seven days a week for breakfast and lunch, and on Thursday and Saturday evenings for pizza dinners only. Make it a family affair with repeated visits.

By anguillian March 6, 2017 14:22


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