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clinicThe long-serving Public Health Clinic at West End is to be renamed the Agnes Agatha Richardson Clinic this coming Saturday, February 25, at a ceremony commencing at 10.00 am.
Elected Representative for the West End/Long Bay Constituency, the Hon. Cardigan Connor, said the change of name of the health facility is in honour of the dedicated service of the late health provider.

“Agnes Agatha Richardson was born in January 1900 and by 1915 she was a Midwife,” he said. “Some of the younger people might not comprehend what it would have been like in 1915 but, as a kid who grew up in the 1960s, I know how tough it was. To know what it was like 45 or 50 years earlier, would have again been beyond comprehension. Many people in West End/Long Bay, including the late Parliamentarian, the Hon. Albert Hughes, would have liked to see the renaming of the clinic in honour of this outstanding Nurse. I am pleased to be part of this event.


Agnes Agatha Richardson

“As a Nurse and Midwife, she meant so much to us in our district. I think she was a gift from God back then. So many children today are born with challenges but reports say that our Agnes Agatha Richardson never lost a case. In renaming the West End Clinic after her, gives a chance for the younger generation to know about those who have gone before us. As we celebrate fifty years of Anguilla’s secession from St. Kitts, it is a good time to remember and honour her. 

“She died in September 1999 at the age of 99 – three months short of 100 years. She practiced what she preached and I know her family will be very proud of this special occasion. We had planned a big thing for her 100th birthday. She was born on the first of January [1900]. That was going to be the biggest party – not just in West End – but throughout Anguilla: to have someone like her celebrate her 100th birthday at the turn of the century. It would have been something extra special, but the fact is that she was tired, after 99 years and 9 months, and went to sleep.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Connor said that the present clinic and its personnel had done a good job over the years. “One of the objectives we would have liked was to upgrade its services,” he added. “If you think about all the major hotels and the many persons working there, from throughout the island, an upgraded system is required at the clinic. Rather than wait for something to happen, there is a need for us to be prepared ahead of time. That is something we will continue working towards. Even by the name change, and bringing about more awareness of what the clinic can offer, will hopefully encourage a number of donors to help with its upgrading.”

By anguillian February 27, 2017 11:36 Updated


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