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The students at the Vivien Vanterpool Primary School have now joined all the other public schools in Anguilla in learning steel pan music, one of the musical cultures in the Caribbean.

The new and well-tuned pans were handed over to the school on Monday, January 30. The locally-made instruments were paid for by the Anguilla Social Security Board. The oil drums from which they were made were donated by the Anguilla Electricity Company (ANGLEC).

Principal of the school, Mrs. Mavis Fleming-Drakes, said her teachers and students were elated by the steel pans and that the children were eager to begin their music education.
She was joined by Chief Education Officer, Mrs. Rhonda Connor. “The Vivien Vanterpool Primary School has been missing out on a very important aspect of the school’s curriculum which is music,” she stated. “Music is just as important for you as your Math, Science, English, Social Studies and everything else. It is not just a thrill. It is a very important part of the school’s curriculum.”

In her expressions of gratitude, Mrs. Connor ranked Social Security as the number one supporter of education in Anguilla. She also commended ANGLEC for being another strong supporter.

The Social Security Board was represented by the Director of Social Security, Mr. Timothy Hodge, and the Public Relations Officer, Mrs. Rosanna Browne-Harrigan, both of whom spoke at the presentation ceremony.

Mr. Hodge was pleased that Social Security had funded steel pans to all of the Primary Schools over the years. “Steel pan music has always attracted me. It is just beautiful,” he observed. He appealed to the students to take care of the pans and to work towards developing their musical talents.
Ms. Jemila Morson, ANGLEC’s Public Relations Officer, said in part: “I believe that arts and culture, specifically music, is very important to Anguilla’s development, and I wish the school much success on behalf of the Board, Management, and Staff of ANGLEC.”
Mr. Michael (Dumpa) Martin, the long-standing steel pan music teacher for all the schools, was delighted with the provision of the musical equipment to the school – and he looked forward to serving as the lead teacher. Following the handover ceremony he, and other teachers, gave an excellent performance on the steel pans to the delight of teachers, students and parents.

By anguillian February 6, 2017 11:34 Updated


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