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Staff and Facilitator at Tropical Sunset Restaurant

Staff and Facilitator at Tropical Sunset Restaurant

On Saturday 14th January, 2017, Shellecia Brooks-Johnson, co-owner of My Anguilla Experience, facilitated a half-day customer service training for Tropical Sunset Restaurant and Bar. There were eight employees in attendance including the owner and manager of the restaurant, Heather Gumbs. Heather and her husband, Franklin Gumbs, opened Tropical Sunset Restaurant fourteen years ago. This restaurant on Shoal Bay East offers local cuisine with a Caribbean flair. As experienced restaurateurs, Franklin and Heather recognize the importance of strong and relevant customer service training for the continued success of their business.

The staff at Tropical Sunset came from varying backgrounds and had different levels of experience. Some participants have worked in the industry for over 10 years while others were very new to the industry. It was therefore important for Mrs. Brooks-Johnson to strike a balance with the content provided, and the activities done, to ensure that all staff were engaged and actively learning.

Areas covered included internal and external customers, developing a customer service approach and effective communication in customer service. The attendees were enthusiastic and the training generated a lot of discussion about best practices in the restaurant industry.

Heather Gumbs was very pleased with the training. She shared: “The half-day Customer Service Course facilitated by Ms. Shellecia Johnson was well presented. It was very enlightening and highly interactive. The course was tailored specifically for Tropical Sunset Restaurant, and encompassed a wide range of Customer Service topics, including areas of good and bad practice. Our staff was fully engaged, and thoroughly enjoyed the session. The course has helped us to realize and appreciate that there is always room for improvement. As a local restaurant, whose focus is on making each customer feel welcomed, we were reminded how to improve upon our existing strengths to ensure that each customer leaves with a satisfying experience that is uniquely Tropical Sunset.”

Shellecia, who has a background in Hospitality and Tourism shared: “Consistent satisfying customer service is important for the success of any business. Businesses which are applauded for good customer service hire persons who have a natural customer friendly approach but also ensure that they train their staff regularly. Today, customers can post a bad review of your restaurant or customer service to social media or trip-advisor while still sitting at their table. These comments are read by hundreds and thousands of visitors and potential visitors. All businesses must be mindful of ensuring that staff are well trained, empowered and given the tools and knowledge to provide excellent customer service. I was pleased to work with Tropical Sunset and their charming staff to help build upon their strengths and highlight opportunities to further delight their customers. I wish them every success moving forward. ”
Visit Tropical Sunset and try the Anguillian cracked conch, the coconut shrimp and the coconut snapper or blackened snapper while you are there. The price range is moderate and very competitive with others on the beach. Tropical Sunset is open daily from 9:30 am to 5 pm and serves lunch. Drop by and meet their delightful and well-trained staff.
Why invest in customer service training? Customer Service Training benefits members of staff, the customer and the business. Firstly, staff benefits include an increase in motivation and engagement, improvement in knowledge and skills and a boost in confidence and morale. Secondly, good customer service leads to more satisfied customers who may develop loyalty to the business. Thirdly, the business benefits from good customer service because it is likely to experience an increase in profit, improvements in reputation and standing and a boost in the perception of uniqueness and individuality.

Ensure your staff is trained today.

– Press Release
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