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Back Row: L-R: Dr. Wycliffe Fahie, Ms. Avon Carty, Mr. Stanley Reid, Ms. Jansie Webster and Mr. Ralph Hodge. Front Row: L-R: Ms. Carla Harris , Ms. Tesia Harrigan, Minister Evans McNiel Rogers and Dr. Phyllis Fleming-Banks.

One of the major events in recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the Anguilla Revolution in May this year is the Anguilla Country Conference 2017 slated for April 19-21. That conference will have as its theme: “Anguilla: The Unfinished Revolution? Considering Nation Building and Self-Determination.”

The keynote speaker will be Dr. Carlyle Corbin, an acclaimed Caribbean scholar.

The UWI Open Campus in Anguilla has partnered with the Anguilla Community College and a cross-section of public and private sector committee members to host the national event. A press conference in that regard was held at the Teachers’ Resource Centre on Tuesday afternoon, 21st February. The speakers were Dr. Phyllis Fleming-Banks, Manager of the UWI Open Campuses for the British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean; Ms. Carla Harris, Registrar of the Anguilla Community College; Dr. Wycliffe Fahie, of the Ministry of Finance; and Mr. Ralph Hodge, Deputy Chairman of the Anguilla Financial Services Commission.

The Country Conference will involve the presentation of up to 18 topics. These comprise Self-determination; Independence and Revolution; Memory and History; Culture; Migration and National Identity; Participatory Democracy; Economic Realities in Small Island States; Taxation and Development; Crime, Order, Disorder and Development; Education and Nation Building; Health and Development; Food Security; Family and Nation Building; Human Rights, Gender and Development; Youth and Development; the Environment and Development; Marine Development; and Regional and International Linkages in Nation Building.

It is being arranged for the papers on the above topics to be eventually published documents for research and other purposes. The publishing of the papers will be in keeping with the UWI’s mandate “to educate and share information with the public, to promote research as part of its mission, to develop and maintain the sustainability of its contributing territories.”

By anguillian February 27, 2017 11:32 Updated


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