Orientation Activities Launch New Semester at The UWI Open Campus

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The UWI Open Campus Anguilla has launched the 2016/2017 Semester Two with a series of orientation activities for new and returning students. Special online and on site sessions have been held to acquaint students with the University’s new Student Management System and prepare them for study in the online environment. Other activities have included a special Awards/Social evening by the local Guild of Students as part of the events marking the 2017 Regional Guild Fest.

As local interest in the University’s programmes continues to increase, the Anguilla Site has recorded an additional thirty-seven (37) new students for Semester Two. The majority of the new students are enrolled in the full-time programmes, while some are taking advantage of the “Special Admissions” opportunity to enrol in selected online courses.
In congratulating the new students, Manager for the UWI Open Campus British Overseas Territories, Dr. Phyllis Fleming-Banks noted that the University continues to be pleased with the increasing numbers at the local Site. “In an age where the costs of tertiary education are escalating, the UWI Open Campus provides the unique opportunity for students to obtain an accredited world-class education at a fraction of the external costs, while continuing to meet their employment, family and other commitments. We are particularly pleased with the growing number of school leavers that are choosing the UWI and the Open Campus, as parents are also recognising that a world-class education does not require huge loans. The UWI belongs to the region and when one considers that the UWI Open Campus offers relevant internationally-acclaimed Bachelor’s degrees for less than US$11,000.00 and Master’s Degrees for under US$8,000.00, you can understand why it makes financial sense,” the UWI Official said.

Semester Two at the UWI Open Campus officially began on 15 January with the launch of the online programmes. The local face-to-face, on site workforce professional development programmes will begin on 5th February.

– Press Release
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By anguillian January 30, 2017 09:20 Updated


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