It’s “the Most Wonderful Christmas” as FLOW Rewards Sharon Brooks

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Ms Shakeema Carty Retail Sales Associate rewards Ms Sharon Brooks

22nd December 2016 – The Valley, Anguilla – Flow, the only 4G LTE network in Anguilla is rewarding its customers in its Most Wonderful Christmas promotion with the third winner in “Make a wish” aspect on Monday at Telecoms house.
Customers who sign up for any of FLOW’s services, upgrade to any of its products, purchase any handset in the Christmas promotion get the opportunity to make a wish and hang it on the Christmas tree.
Sharon Brooks was excited when Commercial Manager Jade Reymond called her on told her the good news. She thanked FLOW for making her wish come true with a Kenmore Microwave, purchased from our valued partner J & B electronics.
The Most Wonderful Christmas promotion is aimed at giving customers the most value, the most prizes and the most surprises to help make this season a little brighter for all awarded by making their dreams come true. “The Most wonderful Christmas promotion is truly about rewarding our customers with the MOST – Congratulations
Sharon!” said ‘Santa’ Bynoe, “We will continue to give our customers ‘the most’ this Christmas with amazing gifts and surprises, with our “Make a wish” part of our Christmas promotion, truly making Christmas the Most wonderful time of the year.”
“Thank you for continued patronage, your continued business and with this is mind, we will continue to spread cheer and joy this season by making our customers dreams come true. Commercial Manager Jade Reymond explained that “the Most Wonderful Christmas” promotions are designed to “Give our customers more ways to spend quality time watching your favourite Christmas movies with 50% off the first four months on our FOX channels or calling your loved ones with the new Apple iPhone 7 for as low as EC$1599 on FLOW’s reliable network.”
Check out the Flow website for a full listing of the exciting offers this Christmas at or listen to popular radio programs for more information on other special deals heading your way this Christmas.

– Press Release
(Published without editing by The Anguillian newspaper.)

By anguillian January 9, 2017 11:49


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