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A ceremony during which the Anguilla Electricity Company (ANGLEC) has awarded a number of its employees for outstanding service, has given them a new impetus to continue to perform at their very best.

General Manager of the power company, Mr. David Gumbs, told a large gathering of employees, including the awardees, that he, his management team and the Board of Directors were proud of their dedicated service. He was at the time addressing them at the award ceremony held at Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel on Friday, January 20, during a sumptuous luncheon.

“This is a new year and we are celebrating all the successes and contributions which you have made in 2016,” he told them. “It is great to see such a big group of persons because what this says is that there is a deep spirit within the organisation of committed employees – who are contributing to its success of the company; the success of their peers on a day-to-day basis.”
Mr. Gumbs stressed that the company’s employees were contributing to the success of Anguilla on a whole. “The Anguilla Electricity Company plays a very critical role to the success of the island and how people feel about the company,” he continued. “It is very encouraging that, over the years, we are making steady progress in terms of our relationship with our customers; and working together.
“The various categories of the awards cover such areas as customer service; time management; helping hands – those who ensure that the day-to-day things, as well as the extra-ordinary things, get done and are willing to go the extra mile.” Other categories of award included the Ambassador Award (for community organisations), ANGLEC’s Performance Award, Spirit Award and Life-Saver Award.

Newly-appointed Chairman of ANGLEC’s Board of Directors, Mr. Gareth Hodge, said it was pleasure for him to turn on his electricity switches or the taps in his house that allow the pumps to come on and water to flow in the lines. “This is because of all of your efforts,” and he thanked them for their hard work. He said that from his personal experience as an electrician, he was aware that they were working hard in their varied fields of responsibilities and commended them highly.

“There are also many others who work in administration, the generation department and other areas whom we do not see,” he added. “I express my appreciation to all of you on behalf of the members of the Board for your hard and dedicated work. I am happy to say that our customer service at ANGLEC is very good, so I urge all of you to continue to do the best you can. I applaud you and wish you the very best.”
The awards, including certificates and monetary gifts, were presented to the awardees by Mr. Gumbs and the Director of Human Resources, Ms. Erimel Franklin, assisted by her fellow HR officers, Ms. Marva Richardson and Ms. Sandra Rogers.

Those who received the Ambassador Awards were recognised for their community service. They were Linda Proctor of the Anguilla Amateur Netball Association (represented by Mr. Rollins Richardson of the Department of Sports); Ms. Jeritza Samuel and Kawahon Duncan of the Pathfinders (represented by Mr. Malcolm Webster).

The main awards, and the ANGLEC employees, who received them, were as follows:

Performance Award: Ojevoni Mussington; Dianne Gumbs and Necole Hodge. Helping Hands Award: Jeraughni Harrigan; Delroy Carty; Dwayne Proctor; Kenrick Carty; Leah Hughes; Gregory Carty; Andy Arrindell; Elvin Richardson; Eulalie Dupuis; and Kendon Proctor. Spirit Award: Shayne Adamson; Omari Hamilton; Marvin Carty; Ron Hodge; Daryl Hodge; Beatrice Gumbs-Telemaque; and Romeo Richardson. Life Saver Award: Bevon Webster; Shem Liddie; Sherlon Brooks; Sheila Richardson; Vere Hodge; Keitwan Proctor; and Marvin Gumbs. Time Manager Award: Ojevoni Mussington, Dianne Gumbs; and Vere Hodge.

The award ceremony was ANGLEC’s first staff event for 2017 and was seen as a good way to begin the New Year.

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