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A call for integrity, trust, unity, love and the building of good relationships among police officers and the public was the rallying message of a forceful sermon delivered at the start of Police Week in Anguilla on Sunday, January 22.
The preacher was Apostle Elmeade Allen of the Kingdom Vision Apostolic Church on The Farrington Road. There, Commissioner Paul Morrison, the rank and file of the Royal Anguilla Police Force, visiting law enforcement colleagues from Dutch St. Maarten, members of the church’s congregation, Governor Christina Scott, Chief Minister, Victor Banks, Attorney General, John McKendrick, Magistrates Ivenia Benjamin and Keithly Benjamin and others filled the place of worship to capacity.

Speaking following welcome remarks by Pastor James Harrigan, Apostle Allen based his sermon on the theme of Police Week “Building Relationships for Peace and Unity. Community Policing: A Joint Responsibility”.
“I would want to believe that your theme is not intended to be just words, but that both the Commissioner and the Police Officers want to make this theme the objective for the rest of the year,” Apostle Allen surmised. “I believe you chose this theme because you believe deep down in your heart that if the Royal Anguilla Police Force executes it effectively and efficiently, it would produce a better nation of Anguilla.”
He went on: “We must not build relationships with people only when they can put their hand in their pocket and give us something. We must not build relationships only with those who can give us a good name; but we must do so with selflessness. It must not be just about ourselves for fame or for glory, but something greater than that and can bring us together as a people and a nation.
“I challenge you, Commissioner and officers, that before you begin to build relationships with the community, you should begin to build relationships among yourselves. Let integrity reign among yourselves, in your offices, in your meetings and in your personal lives. Let love be the theme in the building of your relationships. If you are going to build relationships of peace and unity there first must be trust among each officer because each of you depends on the other. Trust is important for the whole community.

“The day you cannot trust each other, you should resign. We need to see unity among us. Unity is not uniformity [the clothes you wear]. You need to touch base with the Source of real peace and the One who brings unity. You cannot pull down and fight each other. There would be no peace in the Force.”
Referring to matters related to the community, the Apostle said: “Sometimes the things that I hear people talk about our nation give me headaches and I have to wonder, are people real? When people can incite violence and all sorts of other things, I know only God can bring us real peace – the peace that passes all understanding.”

The Minister called on all members of the public to work in unity and cooperation with the Police in order to help build good relationships for peace and unity and the solving of crime in Anguilla. He noted that there was a reduction in the number of prison inmates on the island; and he exhorted the Police to be seen in the various communities not only when there are crimes, but to speak with young people and to give them direction in their lives.
Apostle Allen concluded his sermon by calling up all the officials, in attendance, whom he exhorted to demonstrate responsible leadership in their particular roles as examples to the rest of the community.

Following the church service there was an impressive march past performed by the Police Officers, from Anguilla and Dutch St. Maarten, accompanied by the Police/Community Band.

By anguillian January 30, 2017 11:33 Updated


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