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anycThe Anguilla National Youth Council (ANYC) is fully constituted now that the recently-elected Executive Members have been inducted in their various positions of leadership.

Speaking at the Induction Ceremony on November 25, Senior Programme Officer in the Department of Youth and Culture, Ms. Joleyne Robin, said: “The young people and members of the various organisations are recognised and commended for their continued support and contribution towards youth development in Anguilla. This is no easy task and we express our gratitude to them for ensuring that the Anguilla National Youth Council members remain active and that the Council does not slip away in a state of normalcy. We will continue to provide our on-going support to you.”
Parliamentary Secretary, Mr. Cardigan Connor, performed the induction. He said the installation of the new directors of the National Youth Council was an important matter taking into account its potential for the development of the young people.

He worls on: “At the same time, it is an occasion for us to recognise those individuals who have served as directors for the past year. Under their leadership the Anguilla National Youth Council continued to grow and represent the interest of our nation’s youth at all levels of society. They leave the ANYC in excellent shape and ready to achieve new heights in the years ahead. I would like to recognise the out-going directors and for the many hours they spent working on behalf of Anguilla’s young people and the wider society. For those directors being installed, it is a visible demonstration of their commitment and dedication to the organisation. Those of us who witness this event also play an important role in the ceremony because we, too, demonstrate our commitment to support and encourage our leaders during the coming year.”
The Executive members by the Parliamentary Secretary were: Jasmin Ruan, President; David Ramierez, understudy; Chevel Lee, Vice President; Ariel Gaskin, Secretary; Soya Williams, Treasurer; Chavez Edwards, Assistant Treasurer/Secretary; Khalick Richardson, understudy; Devon Carter, Public Relations Officer; and Kasseem Forde, Director.
“The members have chosen you because you exemplify high standards of professional conduct,” he told them. “During this year they expect you to handle the affairs of the ANYC in an ethical and competent manner. This is an important responsibility.”

Director of Youth and Culture, Mr. Bren Romney, said that the responsibilities and qualities of youth leaders were developed across the Caribbean after much consultation with youth departments and youth directors. They were originally developed for national ambassadors but were extended to national youth councils. He read out the various qualities of leadership to which the newly-installed Anguilla National Youth Council voiced their acceptance and willingness to live by them.
Ms. Ruan, the President of the National Youth Council, pledged that she and her fellow Executive Members will do all that was necessary to “accomplish great things for our youth and society.”

She added: “On behalf of the Anguilla National Youth Council, we would like to thank all for your support and confidence in us. We are looking forward to working with you and making a difference.”

By anguillian December 5, 2016 10:18 Updated


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