DIGICEL KNOWS WHAT YOU WANT THIS CHRISTMAS! “TO #GETGIFTED” Enter the drawing by toping up, paying in full and on time or signing up!

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December 6th, 2016: The Valley, Anguilla: – Digicel gives the best gifts! This year, the Christmas promotion, #GetGifted, has seen social media winners, radio winners, text to win winners and in-store winners every week!

Through the #GetGifted campaign, customers in Anguilla have received entry into Digicel’s #GetGifted promotion each time they top up, pay their bill in full and on time, signup for a new service or purchase a new handset. Customers also have a chance to enter their Christmas wishes in the ‘Digicel Santa Mail Box’ at the Rock Farm retail store for a chance to make their dreams and wishes come through. Via the MyDigicel app, the promotion is also available for customers who complete a transaction whether by activating a talk or data plan, bill payments or sending credit, they too are eligible to WIN.
Digicel’s #GetGifted Christmas campaign was built on the basis that the Christmas holidays all about great gifts, quality family time, joy and happiness.
Through the 12 Days of Christmas element of the overall campaign has now ‘Gifted’ their 3rd customer with 3 of the 12 accumulating prizes. The first customer won one Bluetooth Headset, the second customer won a Bluetooth headset and a portable power bank and the third customer will collect a Bluetooth headset, portable power bank and a deep fryer.

Digicel’s Marketing Executive, Ms. Roxanne Webster says, “This year, we wanted to do something different, fun and exciting, Every year, there’s always a gift you wish to get. We understand, and want to give the gift that people are always happy to receive, valuable prizes from the most valued company Digicel! We are taking Christmas from ‘BLAH’ to ‘AHH’ by giving our customers exactly what they want.”
Digicel’s 12 accumulating prizes include Bluetooth headset, portable power bank, deep fryer, bed in bag, firbit wrist band, 4” SMART tab, Stationary Bike, One Day At The Spa,

The general public is urged to stay glued to Digicel’s social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates and more suprises to get involved in the ‘GET GIFTED’ Christmas experience. Customers should also download & activate the new and improved My Digicel App.

-Press Release

(Published without editing by The Anguillian newspaper.)


By anguillian December 12, 2016 12:14


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