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Anguilla will again be seeing numbers of visitors from the United Kingdom, Europe – and even regional territories – travelling more easily to the island. This follows an arrangement whereby, from December 20, Caribbean Helicopters will continue to service the Antigua-Anguilla route with the departure of LIAT.

Speaking at the Tourism Gala Awards Ceremony on Friday, December 2, Ms. Banks told her listeners: “Even though we would prefer to have a larger plane serving us out of the Antigua hub, I am pleased to say that Caribbean Helicopters has today advised us that out of Anguilla they will continue to service the route left vacant by the exit of LIAT. The airline will service the Anguilla/Antigua route with flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, in the first instance, to enable our visitors to connect with British Airways and Virgin Atlantic out of London, and at the same time also provide connectivity to regional flights.

“I have also been told that the flights have already been loaded in the system and the first fight will be on December 20. Though our beginnings are small our latter end will be great, and we give thanks to Caribbean Helicopters.”

The Head of the Tourist Board continued: “There is definitely a need for more service out of our various hubs, as well as some our source markets, and there is room for all to exist and prosper as Anguilla prospers. Your support, partners, makes the difference and is what we, at the Anguilla Tourist Board, need to provide sustainable answers to your cause.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Banks also spoke about Seaborne Airlines which are serving Anguilla from the San Juan, Puerto Rico, hub. “Seaborne opens up more markets for us ,and a much-needed opportunity to grow our tourist numbers while providing a very convenient and, in many instances, a more affordable travel option having shared agreements with American Airlines, JetBlue and Delta.

By anguillian December 12, 2016 11:07


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