Education Welfare Officers Host Parental Session

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Nora Carty Accepting Prize from Roxanne Webster of Digicel

The Education Welfare Officer Unit of the Department of Education hosted another parental session on Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 at the Teachers’ Resource Centre. This term’s parental session was entitled, “Technology and Your Child”. The overall aim was to provide advice to parents and guardians in understanding the pros and cons of technology, and how best as parents they can engage their children in handing the technology in a mature manner.

Pastor, school teacher and father, Mr. Dwayne Adams, energetically delivered the topic to an engaging audience who eagerly asked questions and shared personal experiences and testimonies concerning handling technology at home. Mr. Adams emphasized the need for parents to become tech savvy and to provide alternative activities for their children. He also spoke of the importance of maintaining good values and ethics which seem to be slipping as children are spending less and less time socializing with friends and families due to time spent on their devices. Mr. Adams also wanted the audience to understand that communication and education are paramount – between parents and children – as well as clearly laid out rules for how the family will use devices in and outside the home.


Mr Adams Presenting to Audience

Digicel which was represented at the parental session by its Marketing Manager, Ms. Roxanne Webster, happily donated a prize for the session’s raffle. The raffle was an additional initiative for parents attending the session. Ms. Nora Carty was the lucky guardian who walked away with a Digicel DL1 Handset and a 30-Day Data Plan.

Education Welfare Officers, Ms. Conisha Gumbs and Ms. Natasha Carty, would like to express their appreciation to Mr. Dwayne Adams, Digicel and to the parents and guardians who attended the session – and to all others that showed support in organizing the event. Parents and guardians are encouraged to continually monitor their children as they engage with their technological devices.

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By anguillian November 28, 2016 10:44 Updated


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