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Another woman, in a long list of women who stood alongside the men in the vanguard of the 1967 Anguilla Revolution, has been accorded a National Funeral. The late Isalee Jennifer Lake-Harrigan, of Pond Ground, East End, was given the special recognition for her role, when British Forces invaded the island in 1969. She was one of the vocal protesting women.

Mrs. Lake-Harrigan, who was born on June 2, 1937, died on July 4, 2016. Flags were flown at half-mast on the day preceding her funeral and on the day of her funeral on July 21 and 22 respectively – in accordance with the usual official arrangements. Further, her body was borne to and from St. Augustine’s Anglican Church, East End, by a contingent of the Royal Anguilla Police Force; and at Sandy Hill Cemetery there was a gun salute of three rounds by a Police firing party.

Mrs. Cora Richardson Hodge, the Elected Representative for District 2 and Minister of Home Affairs, then Acting Chief Minister, spoke at the funeral on behalf of the Government and people of Anguilla. “The late Isalee Lake-Harrigan, like many other Anguillian women, was very active and vocal in the many protests that followed the British invasion of the island on March 19, 1969,” the Minister recalled. “She was in every demonstration during the Revolution, and it was women like her who contributed to the success of the Anguilla Revolution.”

The Minister quoted historian Mr. Colville Petty, in a chapter entitled Women in the Revolution in the book Anguilla’s Battle for Freedom 1967-1969, as saying in part: “The history of Anguilla will give them [the women] credit for, among other things, keeping the revolutionary spirit alive. Their participation also included keeping freedom fighters in hiding supplied with food and drink, guarding the beaches alongside their menfolk and demonstrating against the invading British Forces.”
The Minister said tribute was being paid to the deceased for her legacy, dedication, bravery and service as a proud revolutionary who, like so many others, was willing to risk life and limb in defence of Anguilla. She added that it was most appropriate to celebrate the lives of the island’s revolutionary heroes, particularly the heroines, and that the National Funeral was but a small step towards that end.
Mrs. Lake-Harrigan was awarded the Anguilla Badge of Honour and a Queen’s Certificate in 2010 for her outstanding contribution to the Anguilla Revolution.

Mrs. Pamalvon Webster, Elected Representative for District 1 and Leader of the Opposition, praised the deceased for her caring, selfless giving, love and kindness in the East End community; her knowledge of the island’s culture and traditions including natural medicines; her connection with residents and her sharing of information with them.

Mr. Franklyn (Kelly) Richardson, one of her relatives, who delivered the eulogy, described her as a humanitarian, an information centre, a defender of the children of East End, a culinary person and a producer of natural remedies.

The National Funeral Service, at which the Police Community Band performed, was conducted by Anglican Priest, Reverend Menes Hodge, whose sermon was based on the Biblical text: Teach Us To Number Our Days, That We May Apply Our Hearts To Wisdom.

The organist was Mr. Lennox Vanterpool.

By anguillian August 1, 2016 09:14 Updated


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