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Minister of Infrastructure Mr. Curtis Richardson

In one of his most recent displays of passion and commitment to matters in Anguilla, Mr. Curtis Richardson, Minister of Infrastructure, assured the people of the island that he will ensure that all is well at the Clayton Lloyd International Airport. He was at the time speaking during the Government’s press conference on Tuesday, August 16. His comments were in response to rumours of an impending closure of the airport for reasons that are unclear.

He was apparently referring to certain regulatory findings and concerns reported by officials of Air Safety Support International (ISSI), a leading resource for civil aviation safety regulation in the UK Overseas Territories. He said the officials visited Anguilla a few months ago when they made certain findings at the airport which he did not disclose. They returned to Anguilla last week and made some additional findings during which they discovered that some of their previous findings and concerns were still not addressed.

Mr. Richardson told the media representatives that because of the findings he requested the Chief Minister, Mr. Victor Banks, to join him at the discussions with the ISSI officials.

He continued: “I called Mr. Banks immediately because I felt that the level at which the discussions were headed was one of national concern – not one I would like to deal with alone as the Minister responsible for the airport. It is one that I thought the entire Government, especially the Chief Minister, should be aware of and what the conversations were about. Mr. Banks came and sat in the meeting. On the same day, just before meeting with the Chief Minister and myself, ASSI met with the Board and the Management of the airport about the action plans – what was done and what was not done.

“I was happy that Mr. Banks was at the meeting with me. He heard what ASSI said with regards to their findings and their concerns which I will not discuss here because it was a confidential meeting. But what I will say is that I think the Chief Minister and myself went the distance to give ASSI the assurance and confidence that the level at which we are in the country, to the people of Anguilla, we were willing to do everything in our power as of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, to make sure that the airport is open and functional. We [undertook] to try and address the concerns as much as possible; and those concerns which needed more time. I think ASSI was convinced, based on our rapid response and serious effort, that within time we would be able to address all the other outstanding concerns.”

Mr. Richardson added: “It is an on-going matter at the airport and I am not going to get any further into that matter because there is a lot to be done. What I will say is that this Government is continuing to work very hard to ensure that the airport remains open, remains in operation and will address the concerns ISSI had.

“I want to thank Mr. Marcel Fahie, the Chairman of the Board, and all the other Board members for working extremely hard. I want to thank my Permanent Secretary, Mr. Larry Franklin, who is in constant contact with me as to where we are continuing to have challenges, and where we are experiencing successes. I would also like to thank those persons in the Management Team at the Airport who continue to understand that the airport does not belong to Curtis or Victor Banks. The airport is a vital national asset.”

He cautioned all persons concerned to conduct themselves in accordance with their responsibilities. “I am asking everybody to find your limit,” he stated among other remarks.

By anguillian August 22, 2016 10:16 Updated


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