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On the 12th and 13th August, 2016 the Environmental Health Unit of the Department of Health Protection engaged in a clean-up campaign. The campaign focused on the following areas: George Hill, North Hill, Sandy Ground and South Hill. The aim of campaign was to reduce the risk of transmission of Vector Borne diseases, such as Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika virus, in Anguilla by eliminating mosquito breeding sites within the community and around householder’s premises so as to reduce the public’s health hazards within communities.
Community involvement and participation in source reduction campaigns are critical for successful elimination of mosquito breeding sites and disease transmission on Anguilla, the island has already had two (2) confirmed cases of the Zika virus. As part of the Department of Health Protection mitigation programme, the Department liaised and collaborated with several individuals, businesses, community organizations, clubs and heavy equipment operators. On the 12th August, the removal of bulky waste such as derelict vehicles, old machines and all other unwanted garbage of which can create the proliferation of mosquitoes and other vectors from private premises within the aforementioned communities was conducted. In addition, on the 13th August, persons living within the named communities eliminated illegally deposited litter from along the roadside, thereby, creating a more aesthetic clean roadside. In a nutshell, during the two day cleanup campaign, 57 derelict vehicles alongwith150+ bags of garbage from the roadsides and other bulky waste were removed.
The Department would like to express sincere thanks to Delta Petroleum and Sol for their invaluable contribution of fuel which enabled Four (4) heavy equipment operators who sponsored their equipment services namely: Greig’s Trucking & Heavy Equipment Services, Superior Industrial Equipment; A&A Trucking Services and Jose Valera; as well as Elmoalis Ltd (South Hill and West End contractor), the South Hill Community, PVI Fan Club, the Department of Probation, The Anguillian, Evan Gumbs (Former Minister of MICUH) and George Hill Community.
The Department of Health Protection would also like to remind the general public that fogging only kills adult mosquitoes. It does not kill mosquito eggs, larvae or pupae. The only sustainable approach to reduce the risk of transmission of vector borne disease is to: remove stagnant water; cover water storage containers; ensure cisterns are screened to eliminate mosquito breeding and harborage and avoid accumulating solid and bulky waste on premises.
Community participation and involvement are critical and we would like to thank all the aforementioned individuals and businesses for their generous contribution to Phase 1 of Community Cleanup Campaign. We hope other individuals and businesses can come on board as we cannot do it alone.

– Press Release

17th August 2016
Environmental Health Unit
Department of Health Protection

(Published without editing by The Anguillian newspaper.)

By anguillian August 22, 2016 09:57 Updated


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