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Ministers and Local Preachers (Photo Courtesy Wycliffe Richardson)

This year the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and Americas celebrated Local Preachers’ Lord’s Day on Sunday 24th April. In the Anguilla Circuit the event is followed by the observance of Preachers’ Week ,over the period Sunday 24 to Saturday 30 April.
The Development of new Methodist Circuits in the Caribbean area, has in the main, been pioneered by laymen and women, beginning with Nathaniel Gilbert, a planter, in Antigua in 1758. In Anguilla, the work was pioneered by a Local Preacher, John Hodge, who was later ordained, becoming the first coloured Methodist Minister in the Caribbean.

On Sunday 24th April Local Preachers occupied all the pulpits in Anguilla and the entire Conference area. In the evening there was a Local Preachers Appreciation Service at Maranatha Chapel Blowing Point. The Rev. Wilmoth Hodge was the liturgist for the service. The Superintendent Minister of the Circuit, the Rev Dr Wycherley Gumbs also officiated while the Rev Dr H. Clifton Niles delivered the sermon.
The Youth Choir and the Senior Choir from the Maranatha Congregation, both conducted by Devaunie Richardson, also ministered at the service with spirited renditions, and were well received.

In his charge Rev Niles said to the Preachers that because they are occupied fulltime in various important roles in secular life, they might be minded to put less effort in their service preparation, he reminded them however, that less than their best is not good enough for Christ. He also expounded on the importance of God’s Grace in both the Old and New Testament teachings although there was a different emphasis. He explained that the word ‘Grace’ is only mentioned twice in the Gospel narratives, because the presence of Christ himself embodied God’s Grace. Grace he explained is central to the preaching of the Gospel. It is God’s Gift, which is available to all of us free of costs. When we encountered it even the most dissolute lives can be changed miraculously.
Other activities for the week include visits to several retired preachers and a movie evening ay Ebenezer Chapel.

– Press Release
26 April 2016
(Published without editing by The Anguillian newspaper.)

By anguillian May 3, 2016 10:02


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